Australian Gold, a protection brand with healthy tanning, repositions its prices in Brazil, to become more competitive within the category.

The brand started to be produced by the factories of Boticario Group, owner of Multi B, representative of the Australian Gold brand in the country. Therefore, the brand becomes more competitive, as its prices have decreased by up to 30%. It is the new strategy for the brand to establish itself as a premium brand more competitive in the country. The nationalization of products is expected to double the brand’s sales volume in the country already this season, without losing its aspirational character.

The nationalization of the brand was possible thanks to the purchase last year of 100% of the actives of Frajo International, distributor of Australian Gold and Revlon among other international brands. “From here we are doing all the construction of what is now Multi B, launched two months ago and the newest unit of Grupo Boticário, the fifth,” says Ricardo Nobre, director of the new business unit.

Multi B, as its name suggests is a multi-channel and multi-brand company. “We are basically focused on pharmacy channels and multi-brand stores specializing in beauty that, in addition to imported brands, include the brands of Grupo Boticario The Beauty Box and quem disse berenice ?, now clients of Multi B,” explains Ricardo Nobre. “In fact, Multi B continues and strengthens the multi-brand and multichannel vocation of the Group”, says Nobre.

He says that it was already made in July a production of Australian Gold sunscreens and sunscreens for the 2017/2018 summer season. “It is possible that other brands will also be produced by the group,” says Nobre.

The bestsellers, tanning accelerators and sunscreens, initial focus of this new strategy of the brand, will have communication indicating the correct application of these products, to ensure protected skin with golden tan, a brand differential.

“What we did was a repositioning of prices given the competitiveness of this market. So you had some items that were 180% versus 100% in relation to the market leader (price index ratio). Now this ratio will change to 120%, 114%, depending on the item. So let’s get pretty close to the massive prices, “explains the director of Multi B.

The production of makeup of the Group, which also meets the brands O Boticário, Eudora and who said Berenice?, beckons to the possibility of the Boticário Group also produce the American brand Revlon, which, like Australian Gold, is one of the brands represented here in the country by Multi B. From there, new possibilities for the Group would open up.