With millions of resellers around the world, Avon is a beauty company and a global women network. Since its founding in 1886, the company has encouraged women to live on their own terms, offering an alternative to achieve financial independence and more freedom.

Company now launches a global plan to address some of the biggest barriers that prevent women from reaching their full potential with the #Stand4Her platform.

As part of its business strategy, global action aims to transform the lives of 100 million women a year, favoring the freedom for them to achieve a “path of their own and can express themselves fully, living a safe and healthy life,” says the company in a press release.

For the launch of #Stand4Her platform, Avon conducted a survey with Oxford Economics to demonstrate that women are still not encouraged to undertake. “This information indicates that women’s potential is limited by up to 50%, which could represent a potential loss in global GDP of $ 12-18 trillion per year”, company says.

In addition, the benefits of work go beyond economic ones. With Avon’s new research, it turned out that:

– 77% of women say that working increases their confidence;
– 65% of women say that work has improved the way they are treated by others;
– 74% of women say that work has increased their ability to be a role model for their children.

“It’s what we do every day – that’s what we’ve been doing for more than 130 years. We’re re-energizing Avon’s strong sense of purpose and by doubling our efforts to support women and offer more meaningful and rewarding opportunities to our women entrepreneurs.” Women’s economic participation in the workforce remains below that of men, but we can be a change agent, challenging entrenched barriers and opening up opportunities.With 100 million women which work for us and buy from us all over the world, and millions in the communities in which we operate, Avon has a key role – along with other partners – to make a real and lasting impact, “said Jan Zjderveld, CEO of Avon.

The study also found that for 80% of women, beauty brands have put a lot of pressure on them to be ‘perfect’. Recognizing the problem, Avon plans to help transform this scenario with a new brand strategy being released later this month.

“We want women to feel empowered to transform their lives.” “It’s the contribution every woman can need to find the momentum that will positively change her own life,” says Danielle Bibas, Avon’s Marketing VP.

Avon will encourage the power of beauty as a driver of freedom of expression, breaking stereotypes through a new branding strategy that democratizes beauty. All women, with their demographic characteristics, ethnicities, sexualities and ages, will be represented with an offer of quality products at affordable prices, directly from the catwalk to the streets.