1 – Since when does Glambox exist? How was it like and what it became after the restructuring? What services did you offer and which ones do you offer now?

Glambox was introduced in February 2012.
The final consumer still does not notice the difference of this restructuring, because we are still working internally. We hire a new team of managers, strengthen teams, redefine positions, implement new practices, policies and cultures. These reflections will soon be perceived by subscribers and industry.

We serve two distinct audiences, B2C and B2B. The first consists of our subscribers, final consumers, who receive the monthly Glambox editions in their homes. The second is the cosmetic industry. For this audience we offer complete solutions contemplated in three tools: Qualified Experimentation, 360 Exposure and Market Intelligence.

2 – At the Glambox subscriber club, how big are the boxes, the products included in them, and what is the advantage for the consumer to subscribe to the service?

The standard size of boxes is: 22cm width x 22cm length x 7cm height, generally we send 5 full-size products plus samples and saches. For the subscriber, in addition to the experience and surprise in receiving beauty items every month, the perceived value in products is always higher than the amount paid for the subscription.


3 – Would you have data on how much this type of service is spread in other countries? And how much do you reach the Brazilian market?

This model in the international market is widely disseminated. The benchmarks are Ipsy (USA), Birchbox (Europe) and Glossybox (USA, Canada and Europe). Ipsy with approximately 2 million subscribers, is the market leader. Glossybox was in Brazil until November 2013.

4 – Does product research you do with subscribers club box users are part of the deal with the companies that deliver the products to you?

Yes, the delivery of researches, level of depth, reach and analysis are directly proportional to the investment made by the company. It is important to emphasize that this investment may be monetary or in products and that the services provided are independent of each other, market intelligence research and services may or may not be associated with qualified experimentation.


5 – Why do subscribers prefer to answer them?

Subscribers are encouraged to respond to surveys through a scoring program called Glamclub. The program consists of exchanging points for products, some that have already been in past editions, others exclusive to Glamclub. In addition to the program, we encourage subscriber engagement so we can enhance their experience through the feedback we receive.


6 – Does your income comes also from these transactions – surveys / products?

Glambox is remunerated through the sale of signatures (B2C) and the provision of marketing services to the cosmetic industry (B2C).


7 – Do you also work with samples and miniatures? Why?

Yes. Because the samples are also part of an experiment. In these cases, the industry is only buying the trial service, there is no delivery of search result or brand exposure.


8 – Are these samples welcome?

The use of samples in the boxes has to be well dosed, and accompanied by full-size products. We must be careful not to compromise the subscriber’s perception of the box value nor her experience.


9 – Do you offer, for example, stickers with lipstick or fragrance colors like the magazines display?



10 – Do you care about recyclable or reusable cartons and packaging? And do they offer some kind of reverse logistics?

The boxes are part of the subscriber experience. All the boxes are thematic and illustrate editing and are highly coveted by subscribers, the vast majority reuse them and we encourage this through tutorials and publications with tips and examples of how to reuse them.


11 – How many boxes on average do you provide per month?

Approximately 25 thousand.


12 – Do you believe that the service you can offer to businesses is as effective as or more than market research agencies?

Yes, we are convinced that we offer a more complete, more efficient and more reliable service.
The B4A market intelligence service has more than 40 million datapoints, it is able to answer any questions about market trends, consumer habits and consumer preferences. Ideal for evaluation of brands, products and analysis of trends, usage habits and purchases. Worth emphasize that this service may or may not be associated with experimentation.


13 – What kind of company is most assiduous of the boxes of signatures?

All companies are directly linked to the cosmetic and beauty industry.
The only exceptions are what we call paid inserts. They are companies not related to the cosmetic industry that has interest in the service of experimentation through our signature. In these cases we send the products and classify them as extra products, emphasizing that they do not make up the signature and that it is a gift.


14 – Do you have boxes of differentiated products – for babies, children, men, women,  which are the most requested?

We have special editions called Superbox. They are boxes marketed separately from the monthly editions. These boxes have perceived value in products far superior to those of the editions. The themes vary a lot, we have already made edits for babies, children, moms and others. Glambox belongs to B4A, a company that donates to Men’s Market which is a signature club and an e-commerce for men’s beauty and wellness products.

15 – In December, you launched a box of professional products – Glambox Hall. Is it a new and permanent product? Is it for services too?

We did not have this edition. In June of 2015 we made a partnership with a publication called Cabelos e Cia, in this edition we sent only hair products from companies that are partners of the magazine.


16 – Which segments give you the most feedback and why?

It is difficult to measure this because the box is assorted, typically the subscriber experience is more interesting when we are able to offer a more diversified product mix with high market value.

17 – With the restructuring of Glambox, what is the structure of the company now?

The company is divided into 4 business units: Glambox, Mens’ Market, B4A Marketing Services and Own Brands.

18 – What is Glam Mag?

Glam Mag is a digital magazine focused on wellness and beauty.