1 – How has the company been positioning itself corporately to bring practically a new technology in sampling per year since the year 2000?

Adhespack was born creative and seeks the perfecting. So, really every year Adhespack is committed to bringing a breakthrough to the market. The company was at the forefront of many differentiated projects developed in partnership with advertising agencies. Its founders have always participated in this creative and dynamic environment and have brought and incorporated this philosophy into Adhespack’s daily life. It has become a company culture and employees’ routine to stay tuned in the market to identify new opportunities and find creative ways to make possible new sampling tools, with quality and that bring some kind of interactivity.


2 – Does the idea of interactive marketing meet which areas precisely?

Interactive marketing meets any market, we have already done interactive actions for several sectors, including motoring and electronics. Today, about 90% of the volume of our work is focused on the cosmetic sector, from conventional samples such as sachets, flacons and tubes, to cartridges and cradle, through flat samples that include tags with fragrances and their several variations. They can be transparent, with impression, double (two perfumes being one on each side), with gel, with powder, with pasty or with creams.


3 – Does participation in trade fairs of the sector bring growth? How much per year on average?

Every year we participate as exhibitor of at least four major fairs in the sector, FCE Cosmetique, in-cosmetics, PCD Paris and Luxe Pack Monaco, as well as other national workshops and events promoted by industry associations. The fairs have been an important strategy to keep us ahead of our competitors, to publicize our launches and to expose our product line, as well as to know and keep in close contact with our customers. Above all to knowing companies that can add value to our business. We have annual growth in double digits every year.


4 – What did Adhespack present at the Luxe Pack Monaco?

This year we launched Self Sampling® Connect and Self Sampling® Data technologies. Self Sampling®, created and patented worldwide by Adhespack is a self-service system for distributing perfume and makeup samples. When the customer touches the touchscreen, the equipment dispenses a sample. At the fair we present the new versions that now have Wi-Fi and 4G connectivity. Now the equipment is connected in the cloud allowing the monitoring of the campaign in real time. We get to know how many samples each Self Sampling® is dispensing online so we can map the best store, the most requested product, among other information such as geolocation.


5 – The company  has a strong bet on interactivity and electronic devices to communicate fragrances …

More and more professionals will choose to use interactive solutions, either by stimulating touch, smell or any other way that arouses the consumer’s attention and makes him better understand the product.


6 – Would you say then that the technologies in sampling are a trend on product communication?

The trend is increasingly brands to seek to innovate more in how they communicate with their consumers through new sampling technologies. Because the sampling arouses several sensations in the consumers, faster than the isolated image. No doubt a catalog, magazine, brochure or card with the fragrance or unique dose of the product in question, impacts much more than a material without sampling. The moment people know the fragrance they immerse themselves in the universe of the brand.


7 – How does this product / sampling relationship work?

They are super economical, with 1kg of oil it is possible to make approximately 200,000 samples. Used in the Self Sampling® equipment, they still replace the more expensive testers, plus the cost with sales promoters. Above all, our technologies are sustainable. In the case of Self Sampling® for example, we reduced the use of flacons and replaced the olfactory strips with samples that can be used several times.


8 – Does Adhespeck export its technologies?

Yes, for Mexico, Peru, Colombia, France, Spain, United Kingdom, among others.
We have been acting in shows abroad for 4 years. We participate individually or with partners in the TFWA at Cannes Cosmoprof in Bologna among others. We are exporting sampling technology for perfumes, lotions and creams to major brands such as Puig and Dior, for whom we had equipment spread throughout Europe and Japan.


9 – What leads to interactive marketing creations? Specific needs or do the creations emerge in  the creative development?

Hoje a Adhespack é um grupo que oferece soluções full service, com a área de amostragens (Adhespack Creative Sampling),  terceirização de cosméticos (SkinLab) e serviços gráficos para cartuchos e berços (Adhespack Gráfica). As três unidades seguem basicamente dois caminhos. O primeiro deles é quando o  cliente tem uma necessidade específica e para atendê-lo desenvolvemos uma solução personalizada. O outro caminho é quando nossa equipe de inovação viabiliza um novo processo e apresenta para os clientes. É importante, demonstrarmos os processos já existentes e reforçar a potencialidade da utilização desses recursos. Sempre buscamos formas diferenciadas de aproximar marcas x público alvo e concretizar as mais variadas ideias dos nossos clientes.


10 – Would you say that creations such as Digital Sampling® have come to stay?

Digital Sampling® technology, launched by us a few years ago today has been used in several sectors, including packaging and labels by other companies. It is a technology already established in the market that we will continue to use in our tools whenever a brand needs to bring extra content to the consumer through augmented reality, videos or even to redirect it to the e-commerce of the product. Self Sampling® samples usually carry this technology.


11 – Does interactivity work best for direct selling? How to take Self Sampling® to resellers and customers?

When the consumer can feel the fragrance and the texture or the actual color of the product the impact on sales is much greater. Our technologies can be applied in each specific situation. For direct sale we indicate the Scent Chart which is a serrated carton with up to six samples of one or six products, in front we have the sampling and in the back fields that, filled in, become the business card of the consultant. Self Sampling is best suited for POS or big-ticket locations such as shopping aisles, airports, events a, places of people’s movement.



12 – What’s company´s latest technology?

The latest technology is the Scent Duo®,  a cheaper and more sustainable alternative compared to cards with flacons. In addition to not leaking, not bursting, not having volume, which facilitates the mailing throught Post Office and gluing in magazines and catalogs. It allows the consumer to feel the fragrance and still transfer the product to the skin. They can be made with sample perfumes, creams, lotions, lipsticks, bases and shadows. It is compatible with Self Sampling® and can be distributed automatically at the point of sale.