Jequiti (Grupo SS), one of the largest direct sales companies in Brazil, launches the Augmented Reality applicative “Jequiti Mais Perto”. The resource directed to its 220,000 consultants will contribute to the promotion and sales of branded products.

The new “Jequiti Mais Perto” technology allows consultants to design videos for their clients, with information on launches and products already included in the portfolio. The application can be downloaded on the mobile phone through the Android or IOS operating systems, at no cost to the consultants. Through the app, the user can direct the camera from their mobile to the brand catalog, viewing the presentations.

Aparecida Cristina Tamelini, Manager of Commercial Intelligence / Training of the brand, says that Jequiti is the first company in this industry that invested in Augmented Reality. “The goal is to improve salesperson-client communication and drive sales. The videos present product tips, usage modes, details about the lines and some commercials that are displayed on the TV, bringing more content to the consultants, “she explains.

The Augmented Reality will be present on the pages of the four releases of each cycle (the catalog updates every 21 days) and also on the Aviva make-up line, of dermocosmetics Fases and Sensi hydration, always having on the cover an institutional video with the president of Jequiti.