After the sales success of the SOU body and hair care line, at pharmacies nationwide, Natura now puts its Natura Faces make-up line in the farma channel, in units of the Droga Raia and Drogasil drugstore chains in the city Of São Paulo from this week.

The pilot project, according to the company, promotes the brand experience with young people, its target audience. The line was relaunched in February and has the proposal to dialogue with urban and modern youths.Faces line is expected to enter the stores of these drugstores networks in the interior of Sao Paulo state and in Rio de Janeiro later this year.

“For the first time we will have makeup in the pharmacy channel. Young people identify with this convenience and we will make this move leading to a differentiated Natura experience, “said Herlan Paiva, general manager of the company’s new channels.

In the revamped unit of Droga Raia on a central unity, at Avenida Paulista, in São Paulo, the line will gain prominence in its debut in the sales channel, with its products displayed in the display window, in a region of great movement. In addition, a brand makeup artist will be assisting customers in products testing on specific days.

In February, Faces line has renewed its packaging and expanded its portfolio with 2-in-1 products, multi-benefits and combinable with each other. They are lipsticks, eye pencils, eyelash masks, among other items, easy to use and practical to carry and ideal for creating different looks, for the day and for the night, both for women and men. With the concept “# tánacara (something like it is on the face) # tánarua (it is on the street)”, the makeup line brings a new proposal connected with the streets.

In April, Faces the brand premiered a digital campaign that instigates the public to reflect: # Quemévocênarua (who are you in the streets)? Created in partnership with the agency SalveTribal Worldwide, the action gives voice to issues of identity and prejudices that occur in urban spaces.