Natura inaugurated yesterday its new administrative headquarters and a distribution center, in the western area of São Paulo. The headquarters shelters 1,600 people. The distribution center has the capacity to separate 50,000 orders per day. The company has 9 distribution centers in the country and 5 in the rest of Latin America, as well as two factories and three research centers.

The new Natura complex occupies 65 thousand square meters of constructed area. The facilities belong to RB Capital Anhanguera, also responsible for its construction. The lease is for 15 years, renewable for another 15 years.

Natura owns Australian Aesop acquired in 2013 and The Body Shop acquired in August for R $ 3.7 billion. The purchase of the British retailer, which belonged to L’Oréal, has already been approved by US and Brazilian regulatory agencies and will be concluded in a few days. With the purchase, Natura now serves “a few billion consumers” in the world, compared to just over 100 million today. Thus, it starts operating in 70 countries with more than 3 thousand points of sale and revenues of R $ 11.5 billion.