After debuting in pharmacies, SOU brand of toiletries by Natura, reaches two new sales channels making access to their products easier.

SOU now have a subscription service available to consumers across the country through the Natura app plus six vending machines scattered while in São Paulo, located at strategic points, such as malls, subway stations, universities and airport.

“SOU wants to become a brand ally of the day to day, providing services and experiences that uncomplicate the lives of consumers,” said Janice Roberts, brand marketing manager.

The actions give sequence to Natura´s strategy of providing a shopping experience increasingly full to its customers. The new sales channels integrate marketing movement the brand and should complement and strengthen direct sales, to expand access to the product line for hair and body.

SOU proposes new forms of consumption by proposing conscious choices without waste and excesses and optimizes resources throughout the entire production chain with 70% less plastic in their packaging and formulas without dyes, besides the same fragrance, dealing with essential.

To purchase the subscription SOU, consumers should download the Natura app, available for Android and iOS devices. Then the consumer chooses which kit option want to receive at home – with four, six or eight products – and how often – every 30, 60 or 90 days. The higher the kit purchased, the higher the discount and the shipping is free to anywhere in Brazil. “It’s a totally flexible service. The consumer determines the line items wants to use when he wants to receive them, “says Janice.


In social networks, a singer and actress staring a series of humorous episodes of Natura SOU with reflections on topics such as beauty, sustainability and new ways to consume.

In all, there will be three episodes with about 1:30 minutes and six pills of 30 seconds that will run on social networks of Natura until June.