O Boticário
homages the women on the Woman´s International Day, with the launch of the fragrance Tarsila Rouge, which traduces on its smelling family oriental-ambared the unquiet, free and intense spirit, of artist Tarsila do Amaral.

The starting notes are a bergamot blend, tangerine, black pepper and peach; the body notes are lotus flower, magnolia and jasmine and the deep notes are compounded by cashmere woods, musk and vanilla.

Jean-Pierre Bethouart, Firmenich de Paris perfumer, that has developed the new fragrance together with Eurico Mazzini, describes the fragrance as  “very elegant and, at the same time, sensual.”

Together with the perfume, it is offered an exclusive lipstick, in red color which attends to every skin tones of the Brazilian woman. The packaging follows the same line of the fragrance.

It is a premium product in limited edition of the O Boticário perfumery. Tarsila has its packaging inspired on the work Manteau Rouge, a reference to a red coat used by the artist in a dinner offered to Santos Dumont, in Paris. The Tarsila vibrating  look has impressed the guests and made the Muse of the Brazilian Modernism Movement be the center of the attentions of the party.
When she left the event she was so happy that she painted her self portrait with a French title. The painting was one of the detaches of the exhibition in Paris in 2005, the last great event of the Brazilian Year in France.

O Boticário will also commemorate the woman´s day opening the space Espaço O Boticário Tarsila do Amaral, on the show D&Delas promoted by a shopping center. The space will be opened from 6  to 19th March and commemorates the Women International Day. The ambience represents the Brazilian attitude, through the emblematic character of the artist.