Vult expands collection and brings nude trend to the nails

Vult expands collection and brings nude trend to the nails

Brand: Vult

Category: , Services

Release date: 04/05/2017

Vult expands its enamel collection and brings the nude trend to nails with the My Nude line. The new collection features 9 shades inspired by various skin tones and the main fashion trends - Brownie, Chocolate Syrup, Ganache, Brown Icing, Loaf of Bread, Honey Bread, Pavé, Milk Pudding and Rocambole

The launch complements the more than 90 colors of the brand's portfolio. In addition to the varied shades and finishes, Vult Enamels have the exclusive technology UBS = Uniformity (Brush Big Brush 900 yarn); Brightness (High Shine Effect) and Fast Drying (Ultrasonic Drying Effect).

The award-winning design of the flask embodies the delicacy of the brand's logo, a butterfly. The "Big Brush" brush, developed with Dupont technology, attests the high quality of the "memory" effect of the bristles, preventing them from deforming over time. It has 900 bristles, international volume standard. Its softness enables thinner and delicate layers of enamel on the nails. The rounded cut, avoids the formation of scratches, creases and marks, facilitating enamelling in all corners. The metal structure that attaches the bristles to the handle is antioxidant and prevents any change in the color or texture of the enamel.

Meu Nude line is on sale in the retail of all Brazil for the suggested price of R $ 6.50.

SAC: 11 4736-8890 /

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