Keune bets on special line for summer

Keune bets on special line for summer

Brand: Keune

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Release date: 10/10/2017

Keune Haircosmetics Launches Keune Care Sun Shield, a complete line of treatment idealized for anyone who wants to have fun with no worries in the warmer months.

Designed for all hair types, especially those more sensitive to the effects of the sun: dyed, discolored, curly and curly. In addition to UV filters - essential in the beauty routine, the line was developed with essential minerals and specific proteins that protect and repair the wires through three products: shampoo, conditioner and oil.
Keune Care Sun Shield Oil is a powerfull oil with protection factor 8, which protects hair from UV rays and forms a barrier around each yarn, retaining moisture and preventing dryness. The product is water resistant and can be applied during sunbathing. Ideal for blondes: their use prevents hair from revealing the unwanted "green tone" when entering the pool. Versatile, Sun Shield Oil can also be used on the body. (R$158,90)

Keune Care Sun Shield Shampoo initiates hair recovery. Contains vitamin B5 and the exclusive Anti-Chlorine Complex. While treating, the product gently cleanses the hair, removing debris from sunscreen, chlorine and salt water. With Sodium Sulphate, it is also able to gradually remove the green tone caused by pool water.

Finally, Keune Care Sun Shield Conditioner for post-sun relaxing action and intense hydration or conditioning. In addition to the essential minerals, the product consists of shea butter, an ideal ingredient to nourish and treat, recovering the perfect balance between moisture and shine. (R $ 85.90)

Keune products are found in the retail and beauty salons and in the specialized retail of any country.

SAC: 41 3342-9780

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