Anna Pegova brings Nettoyant Detox Gel with Activated Charcoal

Anna Pegova brings Nettoyant Detox Gel with Activated Charcoal

Brand: Anna Pegova

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Release date: 03/05/2018

Anna Pegova, brand of dermocosmetics, brings to the country the Cleansing Gel Detox. The product contains natural actives that detoxify the skin, anti-pollution action, pore reduction and oiliness, as well as cell repair. The gel, which has no soap in its formula (sulfates), is especially suitable for the cleaning of mixed and oily skins, whether with or without acne.

Formula also includes flavonoids from Barosma Betulina, for the reduction of pores and oiliness; silicon organic, responsible for cell repair and salicylic acid, a seborregulator, keratolytic, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and anti-acne. Gel Nettoyant Detox also has a set of botanicals actives rich in tannins and flavonoids very useful in cleaning and reducing oiliness (like rosemary, propolis, mint and sage).

The main active however, are activated charcoal beads, which have natural actives for a 5 in 1 action: Detoxifying; Antipollution; Pore reducer; Oil Reducer; Cellular repair. The Detox Cleansing Gel, which should be used under the wet face, cleans and purifies without drying because it contains Aloe Vera, responsible for the moisturizing action.

Activated charcoal is derived from the burning of bamboo. Still during the burning process, a silver activation is performed, which has the function of potentiating the purifying action, besides eliminating undesired microorganisms. The active also has the power to absorb toxins and impurities of the skin, such as excess fat, waste makeup and sun protection, among others.

Nettoyant Detox gel is already available in the brand stores in Bisnaga 100 ml for the suggested price of $ 108.00.

SAC: 0800 13 13 45

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