feito brasil launches line for athletes with neurocosmetic product

feito brasil launches line for athletes with neurocosmetic product

Brand: feito brasil

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Release date: 05/02/2019

The company from Parana state, feito brasil (made in Brazil) is launching the Ziriguidum collection, inspired in brazilianity and in the music that sets us in motion, in form of a bath ritual, for active and sportists women. Among the products there is a neurocosmetic.

Composed of products for exfoliation, cleansing and moisturizing, the line has sensory products that provide sense of well-being, with specific benefits for those who practice sports.
The packaging has formats, and fragrances with inspiration from the Northeast region.

The Rapadura Exfoliante is a mineral exfoliating of volcanic rocks, indicated for the feet and dryed areas for diminishing callosities and thickening in the skin of the feet and heels. Promotes intense exfoliation with 96% natural formulation and without added water. It contains moisturizing active of sugarcane, Aloe Vera and Pentilenoglicol, a wetting agent of sugarcane bagasse, which leaves the skin more hydrated after up to 4 hours of application. (R $ 78.00)

The Tapioca Bath Foam is made with vegetal surfactants combined with Tapioca, which guarantees a pleasant sensory in the skin. Contains Pronalen, an active ingredient in seaweed, which promotes the ionic rebalance of the epidermis and the proper functioning of the skin barrier, ensuring its hydration. It also contains Bio Dtox, a blend of antioxidants originating from Broccoli, Aloe Vera and Citrus, which prevent damage caused by oxidative stress. (R $ 128.00)

The Goiabada Moisturizing is the most innovative product: a neurocosmetic of well-being, which activates the release of endorphin and stimulates the microcirculation. The first layer, in gel, brings sensory refreshing. The gel releases colored beads that mimic the guava seeds, which breaks off when in contact with the skin adding Vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant. The second layer is composed of a moisturizer composed of natural emollients originating from the oils of coconut, castor oil, corn and palm (of sustainable origin). The differential of the product is an active substance called Endorphin, a neurocosmetic produced with Cocoa polyphenols and Tephrosia purpurea flower extract, which stimulates the release of beta-endorphins: it promotes well-being and relaxation. It also contains Legactif, a blend of vegetable extracts originating from the lemon, Ruscus (or Gilbardeira) and Vara de Oro, which stimulate microcirculation, reducing fatigue, edema and swelling. The presence of Endorphin in the formula enhances this effect, right after the post-workout bath. The product is also indicated to soften the sensation of muscular fatigue after intense effort by the action of Legactif. (R $ 149.00)

The products made in Brazil are found on the website (, and in the stores, pop-ups and e-commerce of the Sephora network

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