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Company: Phisalia Produtos de Beleza Ltda
Contact: --
Adress: R. Boaventura Pereira, 180
Zip/Post Code: 05158-240 - São Paulo - SP - Brasil
Phone/Fax: 11) 3906-9982
Selling Sistem: Varejo

Products and services: Bath, Deodorant, Fragrances, Hair

Bath, Deodorant, Fragrances, Hair

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  Givaudan invests in Active Cosmetics with the purchase of Induchem
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Jafra outsources and starts production in Brazil this year
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L'Occitane en Provence launches solidarity soap in Brazil
Social Responsibility - 08/26/2015

Carrefour announces offer to acquire beauty e-commerce Rue du Commerce
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Aqia announces joint venture with Cooperative of Coffee Growers and Coffee line
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  Filipe Sabara, president Reload Positive Beauty; "We plan to expand into all segments - Homecare, skincare, make-up etc. We have ready two more haircare lines, one of daily use and another ethnic."

Denise Damiani, engineer and financial consultant for women entrepreneurs: "Empower is to capacitate people to take them off from a vulnerable situation ... Paying life is about Winning, Spending and Investing in equal proportions"

Maria Fernanda Braga and Julia Loyola, partners of BeautyList a curated website for imported cosmetic products : “...we envision the conscious production of cosmetics as a trend not as a niche "

  Packaging sector declines 2.5 per cent in the semester
Markets - 08/31/2015

Fairs and events to learn and make business
Markets - 08/21/2015

Organic cosmetics in Brazil seeks regulamentation for the market grow
National - 07/06/2015

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