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Company: Phisalia Produtos de Beleza Ltda
Contact: --
Adress: R. Boaventura Pereira, 180
Zip/Post Code: 05158-240 - São Paulo - SP - Brasil
Phone/Fax: 11) 3906-9982
Selling Sistem: Varejo

Products and services: Bath, Deodorant, Fragrances, Hair

Bath, Deodorant, Fragrances, Hair

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  in-cosmetics will present international releases for makeup
Technology - 09/01/2014

Beauty Fair celebrates a decade of bringing new products to the Brazilian market
Retail - 09/01/2014

Boticario Group forecasts 16% growth
Retail - 08/29/2014

Natura´s Digital campaign celebrates the birthday of remarkable moments
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Bioplan and Arcade Marketing Plan Strategic Combination
Strategy - 08/28/2014

  Perfumes - Specialists talk about trends and smells that the Brazilians love

Carla Falcao, expert in Social Media: "... we must remember that communication needs to be two-way and have continuity ... it is important to humanize this contact."

Dr. Edilson Pinheiro, doctor, graduate degree in Dermatocosmitry: ".. the day that we can develop a topical medication in which really happens the penetration of the hyaluronic acid will be a true revolution

  Natura strengthens its position in the deodorant category with ecological aerosol
Markets - 08/23/2014

Wipes gain space in the market by practicality
Markets - 08/16/2014

Granado in luxury store in Paris attracts exportations
Markets - 08/11/2014

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