Simple Organic, a brand of the clean beauty segment, invests in a new business model that foresees digital strategy and the democratization of natural beauty.

The idea is to support Brazilians in a time of financial instability and social isolation, with the possibility of extra income and the chance to work without leaving home during quarantine. In addition to encouraging local commerce and keeping franchisees and stores with heated sales.

According to the brand, the goal is to create a team of employees from the community that is already consuming andto extend the benefits of clean, natural beauty and free from animal cruelty. The project creates a discount coupon, new sellers will be able to indicate the products to the public, which can happen via social network, whatsapp, e-mail or any other digital tool.

Each sale made will result in 10% commissioning for the subscriber in the system and the consumer who buys on the brand’s e-commerce with this coupon, will have 10% discount. The delivery of the items will be made directly, via the dispatch center, virtually.

This was the way that the company found to gain relationship scale, strengthen its healthy beauty proposal.

“We are experiencing a moment of great reflection on something that we have been talking about since the beginning, such as having a more conscious rhythm of life and consumption. But generally, crises are not announced, so it is necessary to adapt from sudenly. This it will be a landmark in retail, which will have to transform and reinvent itself “, comments Patrícia Lima, entrepreneur and founder of the brand.

No minimum goal or sale is required to start. In the future, the brand is considering adding a commission for referrals to encourage and increase income. The system also operates in the same way in physical stores, closed during this quarantine period, but with a delivery service for the delivery of products. The sales team receives a coupon, with the same 10% discount to the consumer on the first purchase and commissioning is done by the store that the seller represents.