Confirming the trend of planned disconnection in consumer behavior by 2019, pointed out by the market intelligence agency Euromonitor and that cosmetics br has published last week, there is set to be more demand for digital detoxification, the fight against the omnipresence of tech and the effects of today’s always-on, always connected society. Enter solutions such as Seraphin (from Baracoda), a ‘digital curfew’ platform, which transforms a smart phone into a nightlight and sleep tracker and provides a daily report on the user’s digital detox.

Another one: While beauty and healthcare companies are using technology to improve their products, technology companies are seeking to delve deeper into health care and wellness. One example is Apple, which in an attempt to compensate for the dependency it causes with its iPhone is with a closer look at apps, devices and services to track and improve health.

When it comes to products, the Neon is set to be one of the hottest beauty trends for 2019, with celebrities and influencers contributing to a boom in hair marker tones, nail and eye makeup …