Acqua Aroma, a franchise specialized in perfumery for home, opens two more units in Brazil – eighth and ninth stores of the brand – on 23/10, at the new Shopping Estação Cuiabá, and 24/10 at Pantanal Shopping, both in the city of Cuiabá , in Mato Grosso, central region of the country.

The brand offers products such as Aroma Diffuser, Perfume for Ambient Spray, Perfumed Envelope, in addition to Liquid Soap, Alcohol Gel, Renovator of Sheets, Decorative Accessories, among others. The diverse portfolio brings more than 20 fragrances produced with raw materials of fine perfumery.

There are 400 products that focus on quality, design and high performance to arouse the best sensations through smell, creating positive experiences for the consumer. The fragrances contain natural essential oils, which provoke calming, relaxing sensations and also energizing and invigorating.

The stores are designed to engage customers by stimulating their senses. A table to try products simulates aromatized microenvironments and allows the choice of fragrances. A washbasin offers the environment conducive to the experimentation of textures and scents of soaps. The stores also offer four exclusive playlists of the brand in Spotify, based on their olfactory families: Floral, Oriental, Woody and Refreshing.

Another 3 stores are due by the end of the year.