The actress Maitê Proença has joined with Reload Beleza Positiva, a cosmetics brand created by Felipe Sabará in 2015. Maitê is involved in the cause of the planet’s preservation and has been producing its own toothpaste and creams in a clean and sustainable way for years.

Reload Beleza Positiva was born recycling packaging. With the adhesion of the actress and ecological activist company will begin to deepen the concept post-sustainable, reusing packaging.

“I am overwhelmed by a need to contribute consistently to this planet that we are dismantling in a physical and moral way,” said the actress in an interview with the newspaper O Estado de São Paulo. “The focus is to reuse plastic bottles that would otherwise go to waste, rivers or sea.”

She points out: “The products of our Reload Positive Beauty reuse plastic packaging to pack shampoos and biodegradable conditioners, without poison and without quality. Our practice is that of circular economy. “