The Greater Cannabis Company, which develops and markets cannabinoid delivery systems, has announced an agreement with Allume Cosmeticos, a beauty and personal care company specializing in professional hair care products.

The Greater Cannabis Company will customize formulations and incorporate its technology to infuse pharmaceutical grade cannabidiol (CBD) into Allume’s new CBD-based cosmetic product line to market and distribute CBD-based beauty and personal products to its retail, distributors and customers.

CBD has demonstrated multiple benefits of beauty and personal care, ranging from antioxidants to anti-aging to anti-inflammatory, acne and other treatments. Its effectiveness in these applications requires excellent product bioavailability and reliable stability.

The Greater Cannabis Company’s patented technology platform demonstrated this in the delivery of cannabis assets in different media in laboratory studies, including beauty and personal care.

“We are honored to have been selected by Allume Cosmetics to develop their CBD products, which we believe is a testament to the strength and effectiveness of our proprietary CBD formulation technology and the growing industry demand for it.”