The indiscriminate use of raw materials from the Amazon to the production of cosmetics should be regulated, since senators approved on the 13th a bill imposing new rules for business that want to advertise the use of plants in the region in their products.

The proposal of Senator Vanessa Grazziotin (PC do B-AM) is to make  that moisturizers, oils, soaps and shampoos made with forest resources can only use the name  Amazon, if are produced in the region and their formulas contain at least 10% of plants grown in the region.

The document seeks to curb the misuse of the name of the rainforest. For example, a manufacturer who choose a plant typical of the Amazon, but grow it in São Paulo, is prevented from using the attractive appeal. The proposal also calls for measures to attract cosmetic companies to the region of the forest. The main point predicts that industries setting up in the area will be exempt from PIS (Social Integration Program)  and COFINS (Contribution to Social Security Financing,) – taxes that, in the general rule, today’s focus on products with a rate of 3.65% to 9.25%. It will also be created, however, a new tax called Cide-Biocosmético with fixed rate of 1% over the factory price.

The project also provides that this revenue go directly to the Amazon Fund, managed by BNDES (National Bank of Development) , and be applied to fund research for the cosmetic sector. In an attempt to stimulate the divulgation of the exotic wonders to the world, Cide will not focus on products for export.
The proposal has been approved by the Commission for the Environment (CMA), but still has a long way to go in Congress, especially because it foresees exonerations and creating a new tax.