The Environment and Sustainable Development Committee of the Brazilian Chamber of Deputies approved on Friday (28) the project prohibiting the sale of hygiene products or cosmetics containing plastic microspheres used in the manufacture of exfoliating, toothpaste and bath products.

The proposal (PL 6528/16), authored by Mário Heringer (PDT-MG), aims to prevent the disposal of this product in the sewage network, which will drain into the sea, offering danger to marine animals.

The rapporteur of the text, Rodrigo Agostinho (PSB-SP), stressed that the proposal addresses a serious problem. “It is very alarming that research has pointed to the presence of microplastics in mollusks and fish. This subject is so serious that these tiny plastic particles are being found not only in the oceans but also in the drinking water of remote towns and villages around the world, “he said.

In his opinion the parliamentarian determined that companies will have 12 months after publication to adapt.