Among the new trends pointed out by research institutes for the year, the miniatures will be one of them.
To meet this market, the global sampling company Arcade Beauty has expanded its capabilities to meet demand ith the construction of a new factory. “The new unit is a response to the growing demand for mini and mini-packs for brands and consumers,” said the company in communicated.

The new facility is located at Arcade’s Biopack factory in Val de Reuil, Normandy, France, where products will be produced to suit the cosmetics and personal care markets.

“The new machines fill tubes, including masks, vials, airless, and pumps, plus other mini-products and single-dose applicators,” the statement said.

“Mini and single-use products have become a necessity in modern life,” explains Carl Allain, general manager of Arcade Beauty. Practical and hygienic, they are much sought after by consumers in travel, sport or office. ”

“It’s the ideal way for a company to introduce consumers to a new perfume, makeup or skin product in good condition and at a very low cost.”

Qosmedix also announced about a month ago focus on sample size packaging. The company points out that “beauty box signatures have made the samples an integral part of the marketing of any new cosmetic product.”