How does smell contribute to the construction of taste? This and other questions regarding the perception of flavors and fragrances can be checked up to September 30 at JAPAN HOUSE in São Paulo, which brings the exhibition Aromas and Flavors.

Playful, interactive and didactic, the exhibition proposes a tour of the diversity of smells and tastes in an immersion in Japanese culture through sensorial bias.

The format of the exhibition provides the visitor with practical experiences, conceptual, scientific or artistic elucidations, to answer questions such as: what are the basic tastes (sweet, bitter, sour, salty and umami, the latter discovered in Japan). The exhibition responds how the human body identifies them, how fragrances of perfumes, deodorants and soaps are obtained.

To help increase those perceptions, the show features the installation ‘Olfactory Labyrinth’, by Japanese artist Maki Ueda, in which induces the visitor walk a certain path, guided by smell  to be able to find the smell of the sakuras, trees with cherry blossoms.

“In my artistic practice, I use smell as a means to incorporate the olfactory sense into the art. Speaking generally about smell, we often think of its practical applications: perfumery, personal hygiene, flavoring, etc. Conversely, I focus on the parts that are related to memories, emotions, perceptions, and experiences. The smell I present is like a piece of painting, “says Maki.

Held with the curated by Felipe Ribenboim, Aromas and Flavors works the universe of fragrances and smells building through elements characteristic of Japan, such as wasabi, shoyu and bamboo, as well as other foods , drinks, perfumes and incense. “If, on the one hand, the exhibition addresses the detection and construction of flavors and aromas, it is also present its cultural significance. The aromas and the flavors are meant and valued in different ways by different cultures “, emphasizes Ribenboim.

Immersion in Japanese palates is complemented by a blind tasting of jelly candies with flavor of Japanese grape, by melon, wasabi, shoyu and strawberry, flavors developed exclusively by Takasago, home of aromas and fragrances that is also one of the sponsors of the show.