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The MakeUpIn Paris 2019, held at Carrousel du Louvre from June 18 to 19, increased its number of exhibitors to 160, among the most prestigious names in the formulation, pigment, packaging and accessories industries.

According to the Pantone Color Institute, coral is the color of the year – or more specifically Pantone 16-1546 living Coral. About it, the Executive Director of the Institute, says: “Color is this lens that equalizes the experiences of the two realities, digital and natural, which is even truer for Living Coral. Consumers who yearn for human interaction and social connectivity find the perfect human response in the pleasant, human qualities of the convivial Pantone Living Coral. ”

But within the ecological wave that the world lives, the highlight of the MakeUpIn Paris 2019 was the green – even to the lips – even though the French Committee of Couleur, which explores the colors of the present since 1959, has chosen to highlight three iconic colors of makeup: Black, Red and Pink, ‘colors that symbolize in their own way the beauty of yesterday, today and tomorrow.’


French Commitee of Coluleur – Black, Red and Pink

The options of experts, who in fact conduct research around the world and in various areas of society to determine the color that will be a reference for fashion, beauty, decoration, etc., reveal a study that does not necessarily have to do with the streets, that the public uses and abuses, according to their traditions, manias, preferences and even fads – or not. There are always those who bet on the neutral and okay, each in his own.

What we want to point out here is an effort by companies to cater to the color cosmetics market – and it includes makeup for mouth, eyes, skin, and nail polish. They need to be based on a study of what goes around the world to be close to their consumers. Both from the pigment and texture supplier industry to the cosmetics industry, and from the consumer cosmetics industry. So color suppliers need to pay attention to what is going around the world to define their new color charts of the year, not forgetting the seasons. And that’s the big question.

Natural pigments are fashionable, of course, in the ‘green’ wave of natural and vegan cosmetics, plus innovative materials – metallic glows, gels … we are talking about textures, always welcome to highlight, get out of the obvious, because after all, fashion and beauty interact with luxury and sophistication – to a greater or lesser degree.

greenMakeUp In – always the Green topic

Highlight this year, Green was presented at the MakeUp in Paris for a new decoding by leading experts. Am I green enough? An essential issue that many brands face when creating their products and which is fully in tune with the new uses and especially with the wishes of today’s consumers. The users’ perception of green and its different definitions have been translated into beauty opportunities – whether in formulation or packaging.”Green, Clean, Sustainable…. It has become an important question that many brands ask themselves when creating their products and which is totally in line with new uses and above all, the today’s consumers expectations. We always put this topic at the heart of the MakeUp in shows conferences and we will continue to do so until it is a regular way of producing! ” says the direction of the event.

Still in the eco mood, we have another color for 2020 in the vision of Color Wave, global reference of the beauty industry. The company helps product development and marketing teams stay ahead with specialized beauty color predictions, product forecasts and consumer insights. “We live in a time when ecology is more than a trend; it pervades all aspects of our lives and has become the norm. However, the echo is no longer assimilated to the insipid and the dumb. The beetroot, a sumptuous red-violet shade, incorporates the chromatic richness and energizing power of nature, vitality, health and well-being, “says Color Wave for 2020.

According to Margaux Caron, Mintel’s Global Beauty Analyst trends from the last decade continue to define the new frontiers of beauty. “Today’s beauty consumers are torn between two attitudes:” perfection and transformation “versus” authenticity and self-expression. ” Contradictory as they may seem, these attitudes are rooted in the same cultural and social movements that occurred in the years 2010, and that will spread their influence in the coming years through four trends: total inclusion, global ethics, simplicity. high impact, texture feel.

In Brazil the makeup market has been boomed in this decade and continues to grow. According to Euromonitor International, in the period from 2013 to 2018, retail growth was 21.5%. In retail terms in 2013, it registered R $ 7,493.3 billion, increasing to R $ 9,101.5 billion in 2018. In the historic of the CAGR (Composite Annual Growth Rate) from 2013 to 2018, growth was 4.0%, forecast growth in the period from 2018 to 2023 of 7.9% and CAGR of 1.5%.

The market research provider evaluates the makeup performance, including items enamels, shadows, lipsticks and makeup kits.




Avon brings the Pro Color Enamel that dries in just 60 seconds. 3 in 1 – it’s base and top coat – it has intense colors. Available in 16 colors, divided between modern, classic and neutral. Detail: The new brush has over 700 bristles for full and perfect coverage. R$ 6.99


Donx – wine, military green, navy blue

Donxs, a cruelty-free, paraben-free, high-coverage, quick-drying enamel brand, is launching an autumn-winter collection containing shades that matches the colder seasons. “We are always on the lookout for trends, from surveys and references. For this winter, in addition to worrying about the colors that are on the rise, we wanted to launch glazes that fit well with the main tones that came strong in the season, such as wine, military green, navy blue and animal print, “says Marina Espin, marketing and communications director of Donxs Cosmetics.


Vult – dark orange, nude, pearly and navy

“The Good Side of Winter” is the theme of the new Vult enamel collection for the season, featuring eight new contrasting colors of enamels based on the main trends of the fall / winter season to 2019.  The formulation is 5Free: they are hypoallergenic, vegan and cruelty -free. Includes in the formulation are seaweed extracts, rich in trace elements such as calcium and magnesium, essential for healthy nails. Season colors: Cozy fireplace (creamy orange), Marathon series (creamy lead), Fondue Night (pearly nude), Underneath Duvet (creamy gray) and Stay together (creamy purple).


Risqué – metallic

Risqué, brand of the Coty Inc group, presents its new Collection Risqué Muitas de Mim, with five unpublished tones. They are hypoallergenics and count with creamy and metallic finishes. “Risqué launches this collection to expand its portfolio with colors that encourage people to use our glazes in a way that they can feel more like themselves,” says Regiane Bueno, Marketing Director of Coty’s consumer division.


M.A.C. neutrals

Among the international ones, neutral tones are in force. The MAC Boom, Boom, Bloom shadows palette features nine neutral shade colors for the station, which offer numerous combinations possibilities for various looks. (R $ 189.00)


Urban Decay – nudes revisitados apoiados em texturas

One of the hits from Urban Decay NAKED’s portfolio of shadows has been renewed. NAKED Reloaded, bet on the reinvention of neutrals to bring an even more democratic proposal for all skin tones and all ages. There are 12 new tones, all essential nudes. The bet, however, is on the texture: from the matte velvety, metallized and with shimmer, to the shades with 3D brightness, the palette contains the exclusive pigmentation of Urban Decay, with high fixation. In addition to colors, NAKED Reloaded redefines the combination of shadows, bringing the four outer colors into full-size. Thus, you can use the most versatile options in the palette without fear that it will end. (R $ 309.00)


quem disse Berenice? – roses, brown, coral and burgundy

quem disse Berenice?  (Grupo Boticário) launches new colors lipstick colours Volumão, which increases the contour of the lips. Innovative, joins makeup to skin care. The formula contains hyaluronic acid and actives  that treat the skin of the lips. Its continuous use redefines the lip contour with increased production of collagen and elastin, leaving the skin of the mouth firmer. The five new colors deliver the trend tones: Rose, Brown, Coral and Burgundy adding to the 10 colors of the 2018 portfolio with shades of beige, rose, wine, red and burgundy. The new lipsticks have soft texture, SPF 15, semi-matte finish, high coverage and long lasting. In stick, easy to apply with the charm of the metallic packaging in gloss. (R $ 45.90).


Avon – brown and wine

At Avon there is a color survey, but it relates the trends of the year in general. “From what we saw on the catwalks this year, winter has a tendency to brown and wine,” says the company.

Power Stay line features new lipstick with creamy texture and vibrant matte finish and 16 hours of duration without need of reapplication. (R $ 34.99)

The Powder Lipstick Mark. Epic LIP has matte finish and appearance. Powder formula with pigments that promote a matte finish. Light but Intense, vibrant, striking and strong colors. The shape is innovative and the applicator is in sponge. R $ 34.99 and the True Color Ultramatte Nude FPS 15 Lipstick, with 100% matte finish, offers great comfort and a velvety feel to the lips. (R $ 27.99)


Natura – corals, nudes and brownish

Marcos Costa, Natura‘s official makeup artist says: “The mouth of the moment is glossy, lacquered and with a lot of shine. The colors are pink, intense pink, light pink and nude. The shine brighten up the makeup and helps to increase the lips. It’s a great choice for those who have fine lips, for example. ”
The latest launch of the brand is Natura Una Lacquered Liquid Lipstick offers high coverage since the first application and intense shine. The tones are coral, nudes and brownish. (R $ 45.90).


Guerlain – rouge matte, moisturizing and antioxidant

Guerlain – For 2019 Guerlain bets on Rouge G Matte. The colors became more closed and entered tones like brown and wine. Following the trend of treatment, the long-lasting lipstick is enriched with hyaluronic acid to fill lips and black cumin seed oil, with moisturizing and antioxidant properties, to leave lips luminous.


 Kiss NY – nudes, reds and roses

 imPRESS by Kiss NY brings to the country superpigmented lipsticks, of long lasting, and intense colors. There are 36 creamy and shimmering tones, including nudes, reds, roses and violets. For R$ 9.99


Simply Organic – Pigments with oils and moisturizers

Simply Organic, Brazilian brand of organic, vegan, natural, cruelty-free and gender-free cosmetics has Multifunction Pigments. “Our pigments are produced with natural minerals. Versatile, they can be applied in powder, purely, or mixed in Serum, Raw Oils and Moisturizers to reach other textures. “In colors: Indigo, Magenta, Satin Rose, Sunset, Sunshine, Sweet Rose, Nude, Black and Lilac. (R $ 55)


SD Make.Up – Eyeliner Pencil in Gold and Silver shades

SD MAKE • UP, SD Group makeup brand brings the Let It Shine Eyeliner Pencil in Gold and Silver shades. They are intense colors, pearly with glitter. Vegans are waterproof; they do not transfer and offer duration over 14 hours. (R $ 48)



IMCD, exclusive distributor of BASF Colors & Effects pigments in Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Chile and Peru. The ECB has a wide portfolio of effect pigments for cosmetics being the focus of makeup launches. The products are natural mica base, synthetic mica base and borosilicate. The ECB has partnered with Pantone in the generation of new color trends for makeup for the next 2 years. The latest product launch was the Chione Electric Fuchsia SF90D at InCosmetics in Paris. “We will release this vegan product at InCosmetics in São Paulo through an experienced team of technicians to assist customers in color development, as well as ECB support for the Brazilian market,” says the company.


Cosmotec – Pesquisa Pantone®

Cosmotec has lines with a broad range of colors to meet the main trends of the season. Its suggestions for Pantone®-chosen colors as a trend for Fall / Winter 2019-2020 (NY Fashion Week Autumn / Winter 2019/2020 Review Report) are:

Lines Intenza / Intenza Glitter: pearlescent pigments composed of synthetic mica and organic pigments. They can replace organic pigments, providing intense, vibrant and bright colors to the formulations without the need for grinding. The Intenza Glitter line has a particle size of 100-100 micrometers, giving effect of points of light. INTENZA ENVY, a dark green and Intenza Electric Pink, Intenza Tourmaline and Intenza Glitter Creativity

Sunshine Line Natural Plant Extracts: Pearlescent pigments composed of synthetic mica and natural extracts. Alternative to Iron Blue and to the Carmine (animal derivative). Sunshine Blush Bronze and Intenza Purple Reign

Sunshine Line: pearlescent pigments composed of synthetic mica. They have a low level of heavy metals and more intense colors, clear and bright when compared to the micas of natural origin.

Colormix Specialties offers numerous color choices ranging from biodegradable glitter, to natural pigments, to organic and inorganic effects, to pearly and dyes. The company offers customized solutions to create rich textures that meet and respect the diversity of Brazilian skin and the environment. Natural rheological agents, vegetal origin, mineral and biotechnology, soft and sophisticated sensory emollients such as those found in African oils, FPS boosters, which allow the creation of cosmetics and make up of the latest generation. They contain actives that promote effective anti-aging, anti-aging and anti-oxidant appeal, such as Kalinat DNA and non-invasive wrinkle fill, low molecular weight hyaluronic acid, and UV protection. make up.

According to the company, among the global color trends for the seasons in 2019 are the orange tones, which benefit the diversity of Brazilian skin tones. Gifts in the powder shades of coral tones, along with metallic tones for the night makeup. Darker shades appear in lipsticks and LIP Balms for antioxidant action for lip protection and the Nude remains for the winter season, as well as the most striking pink tones, which sometimes also appear in the gloss eyeshadows.