Sao Paulo has received from August 3 to 6, Estetika – International Beauty Exhibition, which presented about 200 national and international exhibitors, bringing launches, trends and technology in dermocosmetic products and professional equipment and procedures.

Held by Fagga – GL Events Exhibitions, the fair takes place simultaneously at the 25th International Scientific Congress on Aesthetics, the largest event on the Latin American sector, a reference in knowledge, bringing together health, beauty and aesthetics professionals. The expectation is that the fair had generated this year about R $ 92 million in business during the four days, an increase of about 15% over the previous edition.

Among the products presented at the fair we highlight:

Reduxcel Max, by Adcos, are four products for high impact body treatment. With: Hypertonic Redux, a concentrated mask for the reduction of measures from the first application through the thermoactivated formula Lipo-Force Max, which combines technologies for maximum lipolytic and anti-cellulite action. According to the company,  product activates cellular autophagy and reduces measurements. Other product, Nano-Firm – Booster has deep and sustained action for up to 12 hours, promoting cell repair for the activation of autophagy and antigravity action. And Drain Redux Massage Cream to act in reducing measures, cellulite and flaccidity, remodeling body contour, by reducing swelling and cellulite, in addition to providing firmness to the skin with dry touch texture.

AdeliaAdelia Mendonça – Ortomolecular water com Vitamin C

Adélia Mendonça Cosmeticos has launched Volcan C Mousse, an orthomolecular water with vitamin C, coming from a volcano on Jeju Island, with benefits for nutrition, hydration and skin brightness. And yet, Provitality C, regenerating lotion with vitamin C, fighting free radicals. For men the brand has taken to the beard its launch, Gentleman’s Beard Oil, a blend of 10 essential moisturizing oils, sunscreen and moisturizing butters to protect, condition, align and moisturize the beard and nourish devitalized skin. Still for men Gentleman’s Active 4 Douchegel, a 4-in-1 product that acts as: refreshing bath, moisturizing shampoo, facial cleansing emulsion and sparkling shaving gel.

French brand Anna Pegova presented Serum Epigen C, with epigenic technology, which prevents and reverses the changes caused by epigenetics in the skin, promoting increased cell longevity, improved skin firmness and normalization of collagen production. Lightens and prevents dark spots, accelerates healing after aesthetic procedures, regenerating the Epidermis and Dermis.
It also presented Sérum Hyalu Tgf Repair a moisturizing product and wrinkle filler developed with latest generation Hyaluronic Acids with the activation of growth factors. In the form of a serum, it regenerates and repairs cells, protects against Visible and Blue Light (from cell phones, computers and tablets), protects against environmental pollution, soothes, softens, re-epithelizes and protects sensitive skin.

copassuecasArago Massage Technique using Swedish wooden equipment

Among the techniques of massage presented in Estétika, the highlight was the new massage technique of Arago Dermocosméticos: Empina Bumbum, an express massage of 20 minutes with handling made with a wooden tool that removes excess of toxins, helps to reduce adiposities Without electronic equipment. Performed with Swedish Cups, they generate immediate vacuum effect on the skin by lifting the butt. For the complete treatment, the brand developed SlimForce Bitter Salt, an emulsifiable exfoliant that removes dead cells, combining technique and actives. The company also brought to the event, Nanoretinol Eye Area, with retinol in the formula. The product acts on the firmness of the skin around the eyes, stimulating the production of collagen and attenuating the lines of expression.

Bel Col Cosmeticos presented its Renove C Box line, a treatment consisting of six products for rejuvenation and invigorationof the skin, with Renove C Box, a modular treatment based on Vitamin C composed of six products: Acqua Micelar, Melting Peeling, Serum Activator, Mask Gel, moisturizing serum and also the gel-cream base for sealing. The line presents a protocol subdivided and based on three essential modules: preparation, activation and sealing, able to present visible results from the first application, contributing to the rejuvenation and the illumination of the skin. Each module, has specific function in the skin, providing hygiene, cell renewal and hydration.

BioAgeBioage: Caffeine-Based Effervescent Mousse

Bioage presented an innovation: silkworm cocoon silk threads for skin hydration and for reduction of measures. Silk Yarn – Fios de Seda – Energy Skin Manta promotes deep hydration of the skin through an impact treatment that uses glycoproteins extracted from the cocoon of the silkworm. It improves the lining and firmness of the skin of the face, providing softness and luminosity. For the body Lipo Redux Massage Cream Caffeine 24h is a reductive massage cream powered by two exclusive technologies: Bio-Nano Slim® and Action 24h Caffeine, which deliver deeper and faster active ingredients and causes caffeine to act for 24 Hours in the body. Lipo Redux Body Slim Mousse Effervescent Caffeine 24h is a home-care effervescent mousse with 24h reducing action, which models and reduces the silhouette. It is an anti-cellulite, which prevents re-storage and storage of localized fat. Caffeine continues to act even after rinsing.

Cosmobeauty brought to Estétika an Ice Mask to eliminate flaccid skin below the chin and a Magnetic Gold Peeling that results in a more youthful skin. The kit has two masks – one cold and another compressor, which promote lifting effect, detoxifying. The product has Greek Crystals that promote the thermal redensification in 4 sessions to totally exterminate the flaccidity of the region, company ensures.

Ellementti introduced a purifying energy booster from Jeju Island’s Mineralizing Thermal Water to detoxify the skin and refine the silhouette, restore microcirculation, reduce intoxication, inflammation, cortisol and inhibit water retention.


Mezzo: adhesive for localized fat 

Mezzo brought to Estétika this year several products for makeup and photoprotection. Highlight for Slim Patch – Body Care, a body treatment that assists in combating localized fat by absorbing body energies regulated by energy points and meridians. The product returns these energies to the body in a controlled and gradual manner, causing the body to restore the flow of energy continuously. Slim Patch Body Care is presented in the form of adhesives that agilizates the application.

Samana presented the Orthomolecular Peeling, which replenishes active nutrients essential nutrients to the skin. Unique in the aesthetic market, according to the company, the product restores essential elements for the proper functioning of the whole body. It has biomolecular anti-age, detox, purifying, action, besides repository and of protection. It contains active nutrients that act in the replenishment of essential nutrients, prevents the oxidation of the skin and aging.
Skeyndor launched at Estétika 2017 the Eternal program, a long-lasting anti-age treatment on the skin. Eternal Technology Reneface is a global action regenerator, for long-lasting anti-aging treatment. The procedure uses plant-derived stem cells for the long-lasting anti-aging action. It stimulates the production of epidermal stem cells and stimulates the synthesis of the vital substance that forms in the skin, helping it to regain the volume (density of the skin) lost with age.


Vita Derm: non-invasive facial fill
Vita Derm has brought to the event solutions for the treatment of mature skin and an anti-fall capillary therapy. The highlight is the Line Filler 5d, a non-invasive facial filling for mature skin. The protocol consists of the application of the Elixir Filler 5D, the Mask Booster Filler 5D Amethyst and the finishing with photoprotector Vita Derm. The treatment stimulates the production of collagen, nourishes, moisturizes and promotes facelift.

The Estétika trade fair, just as its Congress is a traditional fair for professionals and beauty clinics. It presents important studies that in the future will be translated into products by the market, as well as techniques, trends and holistic and innovative procedures. It deserves to be seen and appreciated.