Swedish beauty gadget brand FAREO releases its annual trend report directly from the FOREO Institute in Stockholm, Sweden. On top of the breakthroughs, the brand has revealed that 2020 will be a landmark year, with technology innovations, hyper-personalized products and amazing approaches to health and exercise.

From the application of ASMR (Autonomous Meridian Sensory Response) to skin care, cannabis-infused products and Nordic-inspired beauty routines to a new era of thermally activated cleansing and skin exercises, the company exposes Here is your annual survey of beauty trends.

1. Back to basics with N-Beauty
There is a new trend of Nordic origin, according to the Swedish beauty brand. N-Beauty is one of them. Simplify skin care for healthy glow. The growing popularity of a more minimalist skincare is triggered, in part, by the tiredness of ten-step routines and the recommendation of dermatologists to reduce the amount of products used daily. In addition to decreasing the number of steps, N-Beauty’s fundamentals involve proper skin preparation to increase product effectiveness, followed by applying layers of certain products that really work for your skin – usually focusing on natural ingredients. and rich in nutrients. .

2. Thermal Activated Skin Cleansing
Thermo-facial cleaners will surprise everyone by creating optimized cleansing conditions that are difficult to replicate manually. The mild heat helps remove impurities from the depths of the pores while shedding sebum and expelling dirt, oil and pollutants.


3. Beauty with CBD
CBD (or cannabidiol) – a non-intoxicating cannabis plant extract – has been hailed as the answer to achieving well-being. The extract entered the beauty scene causing controversy but quickly gained attention. By 2020, the ingredient is expected to continue its expansion worldwide, with the global CBD beauty products market moving $ 25 billion by 2029 *.


4. Custom App-Controlled Skin Care
Largest organ in the human body, skin is far from equal in everyone. Thanks to the latest technological developments, skin care is becoming personalized. Application-controlled beauty appliances, a smart device, mark a new era in skin care, driving the trend toward personalization and allowing users to customize their care routines to suit their needs and styles using their own smartphone.

5. Squalene in the fight against pollution
For those who want to shine using products that help protect their skin from the daily stress of pollution, squalene is the ingredient of 2020. Squalane is hydrogenated squalene – a tallow naturally produced by the skin. The ingredient has already begun to appear in many cosmetics, thanks to its ability to provide light yet powerful hydration and to protect the skin from free radicals. Traditionally derived from shark liver oil, squalene for cosmetic use is now sustainably sourced from plant sources such as olive or rice bran.

6. ASMR in skin care
To enrich the skin care routine ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) has been cited by psychologists for having a calming effect on the brain, as well as tingling sensations in the spine and scalp when people are exposed to certain sounds. As knowledge on the subject grows, we see the launch of initiatives such as the Calm app’s bedtime stories, which have just gained a Portuguese version.


7. Facial Microcurrent – The “Exercise” for the Skin
Microcurrents are like a workout for the face – stimulating and firming the muscles for a younger look, just like the effect exercise has on the rest of the body. Advances in skin technology mean that you can have microcurrent appliances at home that cost the same as a single facial treatment. With further technology advancements coming in 2020, home-use microcurrent equipment will be updated, with customizable app-controlled routines and enhanced security credentials.

“The trends we will see dominating our conversations and social media by 2020 will be a revolutionary mix of technological innovations, amazing new ingredients, and some interesting and quirky approaches to health and exercise. There are no longer traditional standards of beauty and, as a result, the industry is being driven by both the wants and needs of consumers and the companies that create solutions – perhaps even more, making this a very exciting and exciting time for brands and consumers, ”he says. Bianca Tavares, FOREO General Manager in Brazil.