After reigning absolute in the preference of Brazilians, the flat hairs are giving way to the naturally wavy hairs, curly and frizzy of the Brazilian women, who are already leaving aside the hair straightener and Brazilian Blowout among other mechanical and chemical modalities to make their hair straight. In blogs  of fashion and style,  women declare their love for natural curls and announce resign to flatenning procedures.

It is not quite know the reasons of feminine whims, but it is not hard to imagine how much work, time and products a woman has to spend to have a ‘clean’ look of the straight hair without frizz without curls or waves. The fact is that they are tired,  slowly changing and assuming what nature gave them gracefully. On the streets, shopping centers, airports and shopping malls is already very common to see black women sporting black power hair – frizzy with rounded cut – with beautiful touches of lights. Or girls exhibiting their abundant and  wavy hair  turned into curls, softened by competent creams. This is how: from nothing women, regardless of social class, find a way to renew their look. And they always start by the hair.

According to hairdressers and experts in fashion and style, the wavy or curly hair is a tendency for this summer and both need care. They are usually a bit drier and need specific treatment or styling products that dome the curls . Let’s see what the market offers of the latest for the care and appearance of curly hair:

Lowell developed the cream styler Effects Wave, formulated with Acacia Senegal, and the technology of Ojon nanoparticles. It is suitable for thicker and voluminous curly hair. Its moisturizing and highly emollient formula keeps curls well defined by reducing frizz and volume. (180ml, US $ 22). “Already the Moisturizing Mousse for curly hair, of the EffectsWave line, features a texture lighter and softer  for those who want to set the curls and moisturize without reducing its volume so as to restore the wires and promote intense shine and softness. This finishing product is indicated for fine hair, “says Alvair Honey, technical manager of Lowell .

Mutari has the Line Everyday Cachos do Brazil, which brings together national  oils actives – acai oil, Brazil nut, pequi oil, bamboo, coconut, mate and Amazon Trat® system – to treat and revitalize curly hair. It consists of shampoo, mask, comb cream and curls activator. Prices between US $ 6,8, the shampoo and US $ 12,15, the curls activator.

Brazil is the 1st in the world in smoothing, according toEuromonitor, and 32% of Brazilian have curly hair, according to Ibope research. The line SOU Curls Modeled of Naturacomplements the routine specific care to the hair and meet the main demands of women. It offers shampoo, conditioner, treatment mask and cream to comb in a packaging of less environmental impact, and invites the consumer to consume in a new way, combining the individual pleasure with the life of the planet, in a price range of US $ 2,3 US $ 4,51. Its formulas provide maximum quality, sensory pleasure and delicious fragrance.


Acquaflora: definition and form Phospholipids Curls Activator

“The curly hair returns to be a trend. In recent years, there was a boom of straight hair, and chemical procedures, such as hair  straightening, Brazilian blowout and smoothing  have become common in Brazil. I believe that women felt a need to give a “rest” for the wires. Lord, Sarah Jessica Parker and Beyonce are some of the celebrities that influence the style of the hairs and, as we can see, the visual stripped and natural good is on the rise. Let dry naturally is the new brushing! “Says Aretha Mello – Director ofAcquaflora Cosmetics.

The Acquaflora Cosmetics developed to its Forma line, the concentrate of Phospholipids Curls Activator for finalization of the hair-do, which eliminates frizz and still shapes the wavy and curly hair, promoting definition and shape. It is formulated with a concentration of phospholipids, which activates and defines curls, plus repair the fiber and protect it against external aggressions. (120ml, US $ 8,9)


L´Oreal with its styling product Beach Waves

L’Oreal offers some allies to help achieve a curly effect: Full Swirl- Curvaceous- Redken- Serum cream activator of curls. Creates a film around the wires while maintaining the hydration and the form of curls, with a result of a lot of bright. US $ 25,8 and the Beach Waves- L’Oréal Professionnel – Spray Beach effect, super practical, creates a natural wavy, sexy and relaxed, as if the hair had just come out of the sea. US $ 30,7.

“We see a strong movement by women and men to express their personality through hairstyle and this includes the appreciation of the natural beauty of curls and waves,” says Cinthia Cesario, coach of Sephora, which offers in its stores and website, Ouidad brand, specialized in curls, as well as specific products for curly hair of brands like John Frieda, Deva and Phil Smith.

According to the network of salons Beleza Natural, which offers specialized services for curly hair, 70% of women in Brazil have wavy hair to curly. Only 30% have natural straight hair. “We are therefore in a country of curly,” says Leila Velez, founder of the network, which in 2013 sold 33% of network actions to GP Investments Group for US $ 22,6 million. Today the network has 33 units throughout the country. “There is still the stereotype of straight hair as a synonym for beauty. But of course there is also a greater diversity of styles, after all hair is identity says who you are, “states.


Nick & Vick – bets on natural actives

Nick & Vick Cosmetics developed the line Cabelo Bonito NUTRI-Hair (Beautiful Hair NUTRI- Hair) for curly and wavy hair with shampoo and conditioner formulated with natural ingredients, such as Hazel, Acacia and Phytolan to the intense replacement of collagen, which strengthens and moisturizes the wires crepos. (300ml, US $ 6,83 and US $ 7,5 respectively)

The leave-in Knut Cachos (Curls Knut), by Knut Cosmeticos, for wavy and curly hair or with chemical, contains pro V, a  protein essential for keeping controlled curls and reduce frizz and volume and arginine amino acid, to hydrate the curls, leaving them soft and malliable. 240ml, US $ 8,45.


Dove: campaign for girls love their curls

Assume the curls also seems to be a matter of self-esteem, since the Dove (Unilever), which in 2011 launched the Controlled Curls line, released in January, the United States, a campaign, which tries to encourage girls to love their curls. In two days, the video got almost 3 million page views on the YouTube brand page.

And TRESemmé (also Unilever) has just develop a website that specializes in curly hair, which brings expert tips, hairstyles and e-commerce with specific products. The brand has developed special lines to meet different needs: TRESemmé Hair Sealing Crespo Original was developed for women who maintains and like their natural hair, providing hydration, strength and more definition to curls. TRESemmé Sealing Capillary Chemistry Crespo is for women who prefer to transform their hair by means of chemical treatment, which makes their hair fragile and further dried. “We researched the background to understand which were the needs of these women and we brought the best solution for the type of hair of them,” said Marilia Zanoli, brand marketing manager.

The BioExtratus developed Biottano Humidifier curls with a rich formula in specific moisturizers that retain the natural moisture of the wires. The product provides  modeling to the curls, reduces the volume and leaves hair soft (120ml, US $ 5).

L’Occitane au Brésil, Franco-Brazilian brand of L’Occitane Grouphas developed special formulations to meet the needs of curly hair. With Mandacaru extract typical of the Caatinga, the products hydrate, model and define the curls. The high hydration power of the Mandacaru, which resists to the drought thanks to its ability to store water, inspired the creation of this line, the best-seller of the brand

The Brazilian brand Salon Line recently launched the cream Hair Reconstruction,  with a complete mix of amino acids, to promote immediate hydration. Also contains UV filter and Myrrh oil that increases the resistance, nourishes and provides intense shine. Combined, they reconstruct the hair fiber, leaving hair with volume control without frizz and defined curls.


Vita Derm launched Afro line

And Vita Derm developed a specific line to Afro hair with shampoo Vita African developed, especially for the hygienization and cosmetic treatment of curly hair, or subjected to chemical permanents. (200ml, US $ 10,3) Conditioner Vita Afro, formulated with Lipid Complex Restorer, to bring back the moisturizing and emolliency to the curly hair. (200ml, US $ 10) and the Cream Finisher Vita Afro, prepared with quaternized sunscreen and shea butter, formulated to keep itself on the threads. Moisturizes, protects, desembaraçae reduces the volume. (200ml, US $ 13,30)


Lubrizol has developed new technology in quaternized acrylates and formulated solutions as Merquat ™ 2003PR polymer, Merquat ™ 295 and 100 Merquat ™ which enables products that facilitate combing of damaged hair, both wet and dry, improving the appearance of hair and its sensory properties.

Aqia offers PlantCol® a concentrate obtained from Acacia senegal legume-rich in  polysaccharides, amino acids and high molecular weight proteins. Considered a “plant collagen” by its functionality, i.e., dense film forming ability, but flexible on the hair fiber. It is produced by modern techniques of plant extraction which allows to obtain high active concentration of 100% vegetables and is free from parabens.

Cosmotec brings Quinoa Pro EX (Cosmotec / TRI-K) is a complete protein, rich in amino acids of quinoa, which has high substantivity internal and external to the strands, thus contributing to greater definition of curls. Also provides brightness, color protection and deep rebuilding to the hair due to the high concentration of amino acids with function to repair and hydration, such as aspartic acid, glutamic acid and arginine.

Chemyunion enables Wavemax, a combination of polysaccharides from Linseed and Chia seed, 100% natural and quat free. As it has a bioadhesive property, Wavemax adheres onto the hair fiber forming a flexible film wich offers long lasting curls. It can be used in shampoos, conditioners, masks and specially indicated for finishing and styling products.