Industry Award – socializing and valued professionals

“The new ones are there and we need to recognize them and encourage them,” said José Luiz de Paula Jr, founder of Atualidade Cosmetica Magazine, which names the Atualidade Cosmetica Award, in the Award ceremony on day 4 in São Paulo; … “We the veterans, started all this that we are leaving for you. Knowledge shall be not retained, because it also educates and gets old, “said  cosmetologist SoniaCorazza, Award Hall of Fame in the same award; …” I share  with the entire team this recognition “of executives from The Apothecary, L’Oreal, and Natura in Brazil Beauty Award Abihpec-Beleza Brasil 2014, on day 3 in the Sala São Paulo … “It’s great to be here” … the majority of winners. “

The awards have gained importance over the years as the market is growing and corresponds to the efforts of businesses, its professionals and their teams, by the stimulus which provide, by the competition which ultimately promote and by the products  increasingly perfected that award.The awards are not only interesting to those who receive them, but for the large number of professionals who compete for them. The competition is not just for products, but for professionals and increasingly the awards revel and reaffirm talents, which is interesting for the industry and for the market, that evolves.

They are new professional and functions, new Brazilian brands and also internationals coming into the country, products that cater to every kind of need, and yet new ways to market them. There are new players and the increasingly challenging competition that increasingly prints a strong pace to the Brazilian market. Not only between brands and companies, but also between sales channels, which in The Atualidade Cosmética Award are also awarded. The opening of  retail chains of beauty selective like Sephora  (LVMH Group) and The Beauty Box (Group O Boticario) and concept stores, a trend that has in the brands in Eudora, Natura, Granado, Phebo, its main representatives end up playing an important role of experimentation and branding tools.

“This year the cosmetics sector is already responsible for 2% of national GDP,” Proud said João Carlos Basilio da Silva, president Abihpec – Brazilian Association of Toiletries, Perfumes & Cosmetics Industry, in the presentation of Abihpec-Beleza Brasil Award which awarded 16 winners on November 3 and this year incorporated the entrepreneurship category for small and medium businesses that stood out in the industry. “The award aims to strengthen the Brazilian industry of Beauty and Personal Care, and encourage the adoption of practices that promote health, wellness and quality of life of the consumer,” said  the President of Abihpec during the speech  of opening of the Award, which had  national and international multidisciplinary jury of representatives from the academic environment, journalists, experts, and other professionals. The award had the institutional support of The Fragrance Foundation, creator of The Fragrance Foundation Awards – FiFi Awards).

The winners of the 2014 edition, the 2nd edition of Award Abihpec-Beleza Brasil   were:


Company of the Year: Boticario Group for its factory and distribution center in Bahia accompanied by social change in local communities.
Entrepreneurship: Cless by the  overcoming of its income and EBTDA, by adding value to the entire business chain, by launch three new product categories and by the business strategy that has developed active channels and expansion of the alimentary canal.
Export – Beautycare Brazil: Natura by Network of Sustainable Affairs of Mexico, specific model of its operations in the country, that part of the direct selling and multilevel and of the sustainable entrepreneurship of the sales force to stimulate socio environmental activities in local communities.
Sustainability: Natura for its Carbon Neutral Program in 2013 which reduced the rate of -33.2% CO2e for 2,79kg CO2e.

          Award Abihpec Beleza Brasil – O Boticario wins in three categories:
                     Company of the Year, Makeup and Men´s Fragrance


Skin Care – Body: L’Occitane
Skin Care – Facial: Johnson & Johnson
Care and Treatment of Hair: L’Oreal Brazil
Oral Hygiene: Phisalia
Makeup: The Apothecary
Perfume – Women’s: O Boticario
Perfume – Men’s: O Boticario
Children’s products: Phisalia
Men’s products: L’Occitane
Sunscreen: Valmari
Hair Transformation: Brazilian Hair Secrets


Roland A.J. Theil
Creation: Make Me Fever Gold (Mahogany)
Hragrance House: Capuani

A few days ago, in the US the Hair Removal Gel with Razor thet composes the Sapien line of Surya Brazil, was one of the winners of the Award Beauty With a Conscience , organized by Natural Solutions magazine, which celebrates the natural cosmetics with high quality standards and in a sustainable manner. Surya maintains an office in New York for marketing their products in the United States.

Here in Brazil another magazine promotes industry awards: “The Atualidade Cosmetica Award was born 22 years ago with the aim of encouraging the development of industry through competition and of respective recognition of its professionals,” says Auâni Cusman de Paula, publisher and organizer of the prize.

The Atualidade Cosmetica Award has a complex process of evaluating applicants that included, besides the vote of experts and professionals in the market, the evaluation of the public, with a voting booth in the city center of Sao Paulo with female perfumes and male competitors at each year. “What changed in the jury  and  strengthened the award is that we created a group of expert judges for each category. We have professional development, health and dermatology. In perfumery, groups of specialists in developing fragrances. We have no professional involved or with the industry or suppliers. It’s hard work, especially because these professionals must be recognized by the market, and in total we had over 70 jurors, “says the organizer of the prize.

“Who is here receiving the award today deserves much receive it because it has gone through many stages, all audited by TG&T  Audit. For over a decade we audit the votes, with companies such as Price and also EY  for absolute smoothness of the results “

Thus, the winners of Atualidade Cosmetica Award were:

Companies category

Professional of the Year: Giuseppe Musella, Executive-Director of Operations O Boticario Group
Company Revelation – Amend
Company of the Year – L’Oreal Active Cosmetics

Hall da Fama – Tribute: cosmetologist Sonia Corazza

         Atualidade Cosmetica Award – Feito Brasil wins category
                     Bath and Toiletry With Historic Soaps

Category Cosmetics and Toiletries

Line / Infant Product: O Boticario – Portinari Line Pipas
Line of Beauty and Men’s Hygiene: Mary Kay – Intensive Moisturising Lotion SPF30
Bath and Toiletry Line: Made Brazil – Dom Tropical Collection – Historical Soaps
Line of Beauty and Hair Care – Tips Elsève Double Serum Total Repair 5 Extra Deep
Skin Care Line of Selective Distribution  – Dr. Brandt Controlador de Oleosidade Pores No More Pore Refiner
Line Body Treatment – L’Oreal – L´Oréal – Solar Expertise Aerossol Dry Touch
Line Facial Treatment – Idelia Life Serum L’Oreal, Vichy
Selective Distribution Line Makeup – Clinique All About Shadow
Line or Makeup Collection – O Boticario Make B. Baroque
Innovation in Product Makeup – Eudora Precious Pallette
Sale Point Drugstores – DrogaRaia
Sale Point  – Specialized – Sephora

                        Latin American Perfumery Award
                             Mary Kay – Upscale takes prize

 Perfumery category

Perfume of the Year International Male – Mercedez- Benz – INCC / Excellence – Mercedez- Benz Club
Perfume of the Year International Female – Marc Jacobs – Coty / RR Perfumes – Marc Jacobs Honey
Perfume Latin American Male – Mary Kay – Upscale
Latin American Perfume Female  – L’Ebel – Orianité

                                  Award  Perfumisti  Creation Male – IFF

Trophy Aparício Basilio da Silva – Perfume Creation, Male – O Boticario – Portinari Memories – Rafael  Marano and Francisco Marano, IFF

Trophy  Aparício Basilio da Silva –   Perfume Creation, Women – L’Ebel – Orianieté – Vincent Schaller, Firmenich

Award is important. It’s tense, involves rivalries, but it is also pure joy. Supporting is more than being in the auditorium waiting for a result. It’s the whole process that involves competition healthy and rich in creativity and competent professionals. It is the culmination of a labor of several companies that together and interacting, sell thousands of products,  major objective implicit, but reveals – at the awards – that they need to be great!