Consumption of children’s cosmetic products like their users grows every year. The small Brazilians  are consuming more and more Personal Hygiene, Perfumery and Cosmetics products for their ages.

According to data from consultancy Euromonitor, the infant segment of children’s Personal Care Perfumery and Cosmetics went from annual sales of R $ 2.7 billion in 2011 to R $ 3.9 billion in 2016, a growth for the category of 45.6% in the last five years. During this period, its compound annual growth (ie, year on year) was 6.2%. The growth variation from 2015 to 2016 was 8% more, or R $ 4,846 million. Consumption has also risen in the last two years of the country’s economic crisis.

“One of the highlights in the period was hair products, which represent a third segment and grew 8.3% since 2011,” reveals Daniel de Oliveira, from the market intelligence area of Abihpec – Brazilian Association of Personal Hygiene Industry, Perfumery and Cosmetics.

The category has a 4.7% market share. But, Euromonitor evaluated that the children’s market will show a growth of 9.39% (CAGR) between 2016 and 2021, in Latin America. China, Brazil and the USA are the countries with the highest sales results for the category.

Johnson & Johnson: Attention to the hair and the  smell of baby

Johnson’s®, a leading brand in baby, children and photoprotection products, has just launched a complete and dermatologically tested line to care of baby´s hair, bringing several product options. There are 5 variants, all for babies: Johnson’s® baby Drops of Shine (shampoo, conditioner and finishing spray); Johnson’s® baby Extended Smell (shampoo, conditioner and cologne for hair); Johnson’s® baby Intense hydration (shampoo, conditioner and combing cream); Johnson’s® baby Clear Hair (shampoo and conditioner), this one based on natural chamomile and Johnson’s® baby defined curls  (shampoo and conditioner).

Gotas de Brilho™ (shine drops) contains argan oil and silk proteins in its formula
Prolonged Smell has products enriched with Vitamin E and Essencia Fix® to prolong the good smell of baby and the baby Colony for Hair, also untangle off. Johnson’s® baby Intense Hydration includes a Toothpaste; Johnson’s® baby light hair is based on natural camomile that helps to enhance the color of light hair and Johnson’s® baby Cachos Defidos contains exclusive formula “Chega de Lágrimas ” (enough tears), which does not burn in the eyes.

PhisaliaPhisalia:A whole line of oral care

Phisalia has developed, in its Trá Lá Lá line, a line of Oral Care with colorful and fun packaging for children, featuring  the characters of the line. The products – gels and toothpaste – protect against cavities and present low abrasiveness, what differentiates them is the amount of fluoride present in the exclusive formulations.

The line brings: Baby tooth gel without fluoride (with xylitol), for babies from 0 to 3 years; Tutti Frutti dental gel for children aged 3 to 7 years; Strawberry toothpaste, Tutti Frutti and Bubble Gum, Menta Fresh for children from 7 years and Dental Gel Fruit Mix, with characters for children from 7 years.
Brand has also recently launched its line Eu Amo Cachos, a new variant of the children’s line Trá Lá Lá, with products developed especially for the care of curly hair of the girls, the line is composed by: Shampoo, Conditioner, Cachos Humidifier, Treatment Mask and Kit (Shampoo and Conditioner).

JequitiJequiti Bet on great characters

Jequiti (Grupo Silvio Santos) bets on the teen audience, with the launch of the line DC Super Heroes Girls, inspired by the American series of superheroes. The collection features bar soap, moisturizing lotion and two colonies with illustrations from the main heroines of the series: Batgirl, Supergirl, Wonder Woman and Harlequin and their products have been formulated with actives that do not damage youthful skin, the company says. The Wonder Woman fragrance is a vibrant floral, combining pink, cotton candy and a mix of red and yellow fruits. The Arlequina Colony translates the character’s fun way into a refreshing fruity fragrance, with notes ranging from red fruits to caramel.

BoticarioSiphie O Boticário: Makeup that girls can use

O Boticário brings the Petit Sophie makeup line to the girls. Developed for the delicate skin of the girls, it has soft ingredients and all the products of the line have been tested and approved by pediatricians and dermatologists.

Petit Sophie Blush 2 Finishing options: The matte effect, which leaves the skin looking healthier and opaque tone and effect with fine particles of luster, which leaves the skin flushed and lighted

The Lipstick brings 3 soft colors, of light color and natural ingredients that provide hydration to the lips of girls. The lip gloss has 3 translucent tones and includes very fine particles of brightness, in delicious flavors: Strawberry, Grape and Tutti Frutti.

Enamels have a water-based formula. Hypoallergenic, were developed with Peel Off technology, which facilitates the removal of enamel without the use of solvents, since it creates a film on the nail and then just lift and pull slowly.A linha inclui ainda 3 fragrâncias delicadas para as meninas: Magic, Fantasy e Jeans.(R$ 62,90)

When compared to adult skin, the children’s skin is thinner, a higher rate of cell renewal, lower lipid concentration and a natural moisturizing factor. For this reason, in the development of infant formulations it is important to choose soft and allergen-free raw materials that meet the requirements of current legislation.

Cosmotec has several ingredients for the development of formulations for this public, among which the following stand out: MEGATRAN® PC5610 (Cosmotec / Interpolymer): Highly flexible film-forming polymer indicated for the development of aqueous-based enamels. It is safe, non-volatile solvent odor is recommended for children’s products. Features quick-drying, provides intense, long-lasting shine, and allows peel-off removal effortlessly. The Floraspheres® Jojoba line (Cosmotec / Floratech) features soft beads composed of jojoba ester, which fuse when rubbed onto the skin, promoting emollience and making the application of the cosmetic more fun. Also, TEGO® Betain 810 (Cosmotec / Evonik), a very mild, biodegradable and preservative-free amphoteric surfactant.

MCassab offers Baycusan® C1004 water-based polyurethane polymer ideal for infantile photoprotection formulations as it is able to form a protective barrier on the skin providing ultra water resistance, resistance to sand, scrubbing and sweat. Covestro developed highly water-resistant formulations with Baycusan® C1004 and found that 50% of the sun protection factor is maintained for more than one hour after repeated exposure of the volunteer to the water (in vivo test). Because it is non-toxic, Baycusan® C1004 is also an excellent polymer of choice for water based enamel formulations.

Univar, a global chemical distribution company, offers Tinosorb M and Tinosorb A2B, which, because they are particulate filters, besides being highly safe for the use of children, allow the formulation of a sunscreen with pleasant sensory and high SPF. Since the children´s skin is a skin that is still developing, it requires products that act in a gentle way and that promote hydration, discouraging the oiliness. Levenol H & B surfactant is a mild moisturizing surfactant of vegetable origin and ideal for formulations for hair and skin and can be used as a primary surfactant. The Akypo RLM 45 CA and Akypo FOAM RL 40 surfactants, which are used as softeners for the primary surfactant and Amidet APA-22, promote gentle conditioning avoiding irritation of the scalp. And yet, Dow Corning® HMW2220, a high molecular weight divinyl dimethicone / dimethicone emulsion, has light sensory, non-reactivity and is ideal for children’s skin and hair.

Lubrizol offers polymer Avalure Flex-6 that can stabilize a formula up to 29% zinc oxide, ideal for roasting ointments, bringing good spreadability, optimum sensory and film formation. It is compatible with metal oxides, which makes it the perfect ZnO dispersant, as well as offering a non-sticky film providing greater comfort for the baby. Promulgen ™ D nanionic emulsifier provides co-thickening and stabilization in this easy to apply aqueous emulsion.

BASF offers Cetiol® RLF: Highly spreadable emollient with soft touch similar to silicones, 100% natural, biodegradable and obtained through an enzymatic process. The enzymatic process generates less waste and the enzymes can be used repeatedly, causing less impact to the environment. Tested on a panel of volunteers with sensitive skin, Cetiol® RLF has been fully compatible and considered very soft and suitable for this type of skin and is recommended for applications in children’s products, for mature skin and for sensitive skin.

“In the category of children’s products, it is the parents, not the children, who make the purchasing decisions. For them, the safety and softness of products are still key attributes and products of natural origin are perceived as more compatible and suitable for the health of children. Quality and results and competitive prices, as well as confidence in the brands of the products also follow as drivers of the market. Natural origin, softness, safety and perceived benefits are key attributes in products for the children’s market, “says Flavia Zanella, marketing for BASF’s Personal Care for South America.

Another recurring concern of parents with their children is sun protection. Dow has ingredients for use in sunscreen formulations. Sunspheres ™ are polymers that increase the effectiveness of organic and inorganic filters by 50% to 70%, improving the sensory and giving a softer touch to the sensitive skin of children. The EPITEX ™ 66 polymer offers water resistance and Dow Corning® FA 4002 ID Silicone Acrylate silicone provides resistance to water and sebum as it forms a long-lasting film, according to the company, allowing children to play in the water for longer protected from the sun, besides providing a dry, non-sticky sensory. Dow Corning® FZ-3196 silicone is widely used because it provides compatibility between the organic part and the filters, a key attribute in a solar formulation.