This week the cosmetic market saw one of the most popular fairs in the sector, FCE Cosmetique. Corridors, booths and lectures always crowded … is what we expected from a fair, and what actually happened, as in other years.

Sometimes we see themes emerging, such as sustainability, biodiversity, nanotechnology, among the latest, but also bottles decorated glass and plastics, new technologies in machinery, fragrance houses that were coming to the country … the great stage of market news are the sectorial fairs and FCE Cosmetique have been fulfilled its role.

This year we have seen, in addition to the many and broad launches in variated technologies, supply teams (among others) of large companies, more distributors coming and associating with Brazilian companies, trends from Asian markets – especially in Korea and outsourcing – growing and appearing – as well as the lay public seeking new adventures.

Fiabila: quality

Beginning with outsourcers, they were present at stands, Lipson, Fiabila, Adhespack, Leclaire, Arcade Beauty and My Factory and Fareva, a French family group with 39 plants in the world, for the first time at a fair. This group of companies responds to the varied demands of companies – large and medium-sized – to who are not very familiar with the business, but who dream of having a brand of cosmetics or perfumes, people from other business areas who want to offer a gift to their customers.

“We have brought incomparable quality to the Brazilian market,” says Alexandre Miasnik, director of Fiabila, which produces enamels through contract manufacturer, from design to delivery to large companies around the world. In Brazil, the company bought and renovated a factory in the interior of São Paulo. There, says Miasnik, the production can attend to any volumes.

Some companies however have a limited production lot. “Minimum lots depending on the volume and technology of the packaging (can, bottle, tube) can be of 30 thousand pieces, because the production lines are high turnover,” explains Angela Satie Moryoma, sales area of Fareva, which has two factories in Brazil, both in the State of São Paulo, only 5 years ago.

For glass production it is simpler because usually the manufacturers companies have standard models in stock and can make available from 10 to 15 thousand flask at any time, which is different when the demand is by exclusive design. In that case, the printing needs to be large to compensate for its production, “says Moyama. Fareva serves the segments of hydrocolloids (perfumes, shampoos, shower gel), skincare and makeup. “The important thing about our first participation in the fair is the customers network,” says Moyama.

Victoria Romano, which has its own brand of cosmetics, Hey Pretty, is one of the visitors that looks for solutions for its production. “The brand is new in the market so I came to seek partners and news. I’ve seen some that I certainly want to put in my line, things that are trends out there, but that did not have suppliers here, in segments such as green and vegan cosmetics, innovation in colors, all kinds of things. ”

Arcade Beauty, the American sample company, bought Brazil’s Mappel, of outsourcing in 2015, and started offering outsourcing services in Brazil alone. The company works with clients from Brazil and abroad. It has a plant in Diadema for the production of creams and lotions, products for babies, sun protection, hair treatment and dermocosmetics, for small, medium and large companies. It is the first time that the company presents itself at FCE Cosmetique also as a third party. “We also have blister packs for facial, body and capillary treatment and even for makeup, with the possibility of developing unique molds,” said Maria Isabel Luz, industrial director.

Among its technologies for sampling fragrances are: DisCover ®, an essential oil scented label applied between two layers of film with “Open and Close” system; EasyLip ®, Seal with thermally sealed aluminum structure. The bulk of the lipstick is bottled between the two layers of the structure. Or Easysnap, unique dose of liquids and emulsions of beauty products, in laminated and multilayer Pouch with opening system that allows handling only with one-hand.

Adhespack Group, a Brazilian group founded in 2000, presented at the fair its three business units: SkinLab, with outsourcing of cosmetics and conventional samplings; Adhespack Graphic Division, with flat samples for perfumery, makeup and cosmetics. Self Sampling ®, an advanced technology in direct point of sale product experimentation, which provides interactivity in the sampling of fragrances and makeup through an automated system where sampling is dispensed with a simple touch. “No need for the presence of a sales promoter,” tester “or the violation of packaging and seals,” company said.

Lipson was founded in 1989 and produces creams and lotions, makeup, toiletries and fragrances. It has Research and Development Laboratories, Physical, Chemical and Microbiological Quality Control.


Minha Fábrica

Traditional in the market, Minha Fábrica (my factory) offers aerosol manufacturing and / or bottling services to third parties, from the cosmetic industry and home cleaning sanitizers. It operates from conception to delivery of the finished product, through purchase, receipt, quality control and storage of inputs. The company’s small booth kept people inside and out, in the hallway, in lively interaction.

And the group from Paraná, Leclair, from São José dos Pinhais, has been growing. Inaugurated in 1998 for the production bar soaps of high-quality, hydrocolloids and semiliquids in small volumes, three years ago it inaugurated the Hydroalcoholic Containers Unit, now offering the market the miniature and conventional packaging service, manufactured in the industry or in other manufacturers. And in 2013 it inaugurated the Warehouse and Services unit equipped as logistics operator to meet all storage, service, picking and distribution needs for the cosmetic industry, in addition to other segments. Rodrigo Popov, manager of marketing and Commercial, was attending an international client at the fair.

Some of the lectures

Elaine Scarelli, Dupont‘s regional home and personal care leader, spoke on the first day of the event about USMSBA gene care, a 100% natural ingredient produced by Dupont – which helps fight frizz and hair damage.

“This ingredient strengthens hair. We talk about the alignment and conditioning the threads to bring a healthier look and all these features. However, they are tied to a tendency of having healthier hair. And one can not talk about it without mentioning the scalp.

Scarelli says that the product, based on Trimethylglycine causes the hair to be hydrated correctly, so be born healthy and so stay. “It has all sorts of certification, which nowadays is used in natural, organic and vegan products.”

On the second day of activities of the Cosmetology Congress of ABC – Brazilian Cosmetology Association, which happens inside FCE Cosmetique, Jonathan Biancarelli, Director of Digital Strategy of L’Oréal Paris, recalled in the lecture The behavior of young consumers in social networks that ” We need to rethink how we interact with them, who are not just consumers. They want to be consumetors – that consume and act. ”

Attila Julio Almásy, Commercial and Sales Director of Aercamp recalled that although it was created almost 100 years ago, aerosol spray technology is a very important part of the cosmetics industry, guaranteeing the practicality of use and totally hermetic products – “it is still unbeatable , ” he says.

Perceptions about the growing male cosmetic audience were presented and debated at the Cosmetology Congress. “Anthropological codes of behavior in Brazilian regions bring variations,” said Edmar Bulla, CEO of Croma Solutions. “This drives a lot of product development from the fragrance point of view. Our study on this issue shows the adherences to the Northeastern people, for example, compared to the South. This perception was used to personalize the testers of the direct selling magazines “.

Bulla also said that while young people are the most concerned about longevity, they prefer to invest in quality of life. “This audience prioritises esthetics and treatments that are much more related to self-care, rather than an eminently external aspect.” He also pointed to the adherence of class C. “She is open to the industry and will return now with the post-crisis,” he declared.

New Actives

Symrise introduced two new products. “One of them, based on Mediterranean microalgae, controls oiliness and improves skin hypersensitivity. The other, made from a microalga from Tahiti, acts to increase the growth stage of hair, making it stronger, dense and resistant, “says Julio Bombonati, manager of the Latin American division of Marketing at Symrise.

Chemyunion, has integrated into its sensory and technological experiences an exclusive space for men to test creams. “The idea of the lounge is to show manufacturers the possibilities of what can be done with the raw materials that Chemyunion puts on the market. “It’s a way of boosting relationships with customers,” said Sérgio C. Gonçalves, the company’s director of marketing and international affairs.

DSM, represented by distributor Focus Química, launches a new asset that fights premature skin aging caused by everyday stress. “It fits any skin type and is for anyone regardless of age,” said Amanda Omodei, Technical Marketing Manager at Focus Chemistry.



Premier Pack:Three-sided decoration

Packaging is a tradition at FCE Cosmetique and this year the Premier Pack presented unique packaging in projects created especially for companies, such as packaging Verbena cologne, by Granado, of 300 ml, and the packaging for  Arruda and Sal Grosso, by The Body Shop, a diffuser of environments with painting and serigraphy on the 3 faces.


Antilhas: Bet on Premium and folding packaging

Reference in the segment of carton packs, bags and boxes, the Antilhas has presented products ‘premiunizados’. “Of the segments in which we act today, cosmetic is the most expressive. Today, it represents about 60%, 70% of our business, “says sales manager João Elcio Luongo Junior.

“Our main focus is to offer a package whose added value to the product is perceived by the consumer – and also not immediately disposable.” Among the benefits of the “flat” packaging in the stand, which is the folding packaging, offering the possibility of savings of up to 80% in freight, since the packages occupy less space in the logistics.