The Brazilian cosmetic sector is participating once more of the Middle East fair, in Dubai. It already participated this year of the Cosmoprof Bologna and will participate of the Cosmoprof Las Vegas, among other fairs around the world, both of them final products and sector’s suppliers fair.

It’s the exportation move, but, at the same time, the brands are constructing on these international display windows an important corporative image for the future. That’s why it includes on their exportation projects, each time more environmental certifications that insert some of corporative social responsibility.

More and more the ethical behavior of the companies counts on business. The social corporative responsibility is a strategy project, corporative administration and posture before society. And the Brazilian cosmetic companies perceive the importance of this trough the exportation experiences. 

Many of the worldwide companies that exhibited at Cosmoprof Bologna showed their desire of entering on the Brazilian cosmetic market. The impeachment to this longing pointed to the same questions: rigorous surveillance laws and high taxations. However, to the buying suggestion or merger as strategic alternative to the entrance in a big and growing market, this desire emerged again, but knocked against invariably on the lack of information about the Brazilian companies, more then its products, information about their management.

Who are these companies? Would they be enough mature on the question responsible administration? Social responsibility signifies nowadays, both on national and international market, the search of the equilibrium between the three pillars of the corporative performance: environmental, social and economic of the business.


The Social Responsibility is an emerging field, in continuous development, an apprenticeship process for everybody. At long term, aims the creation of brand’s value to the buyer or stockholder. Besides it promotes the improvement on life’s quality to its working fosse and its families, of the local community and of the society as a whole. CSR is nowadays a factor as important to the companies as the product quality or of the service, the competitiveness on the prices, commercially strong brand, etc.

Upholded by a program of support to the exportations promoted by Apex – Brazilian Agency for Export Promotion -, in partnership with Abihpec – Brasilian Association of the Cosmetics, Toiletries and Fragrances Industry -, around 32 Brazilian companies of the cosmetic sector learns from design and negotiation and goes on putting their brands abroad. They offer together with its products, all of a base work that makes them well accepted and each time more requested.

A work of which includes since the valuation of the biodiversity and sustainability and social responsibility concepts to technologies and adjustment to other markets.

The credibility image that is being constructed goes beyond the exoticism of the biggest Latin American country. Apart from our old mistakes political-financials, the cosmetic sector has get on to export well – on the last five years, the exportations of the sector had an accumulated growth of 120.7%, reaching US$ 407,6 mns. Neither the unfavorable trade exchange, quoted for months at little higher then R$ 2, for US$ 1, disturbs.

Natura, major Brazilian company on direct selling system, without neglected its national expansion, which took it, this year to surpass this year the multinational concurrent Avon in business volume US$ 961 mns of net income, against the Avon’s US$ 830 mns (measure used by the direct selling system which includes the margin of he resellers) is investing, above all on social responsibility concepts, allied to the one of Brasilianity to enter solid on external markets.

The company installed its first conceptual store in Paris, fashion and cosmetics capital and is doing well: the store, on the elegant district of Saint Germain des Près, is already notable, not only by the Ekos line products that are characterized for using actives of the Brazilian biodiversity, with aromas and textures and the concept of Well Being Well, but for standing out the sustainable development that attends thus to the production European patterns.

The company have being known yet to explore wisely the Brazilian way, so in vogue, with the ‘cafezinho’, the sympathy of the attendants, books and presenting conferences, exhibitions and concerts with musicians from its project Natura Musical on the space. Elements with which, the company adds value to the brand on this international crusade.

O Boticario, second major Brazilian cosmetic company, with 2.400 stores and biggest worldwide cosmetic franchise, with more then one thousand selling points on 24 countries also takes its place on the scenery. It is one of the producers that most invest on institutional image that conjugates the image of the producer natural products with ecology. Its project to the O Boticario Nature Protection Foundation already invested, all along 15 years US$ 6 mns on more then thousand supporting projects to environment projects to save the fauna and flora species from extinction. Locally it invests also on social projects for the community, to its employees, recycling. Besides, its president, Miguel Krigsner, has donated U$ 1 mn to a governmental Project for the Amazonian protection that had great detach on the national and international media.

But the great focus of the company to this year has been the high investment on technology, research and innovation. It is the other point of the equilibrium on the corporative performance that we spoke above.

The first heavy launch was the research followed of launch on make up for youth, which has resulted on a innovative and extremely practical line, that speaks the language of the aimed public. After there was the launch of the body line Nativa Spa, with actives from fruits and herbs that explores the senses and the sensations.  And now the luxurious VitActive line, that will be on the international markets from June, which nanostructured formula for the anti signs Sérum incorporates state of art technology (with formula and process patent required internationally).

Besides, the company is the only one to produce perfumes from wine alcohol (for the Malbec, male perfumes and Rhea, the female version), which technology was also required the international patent – formula and process.


, Brazilian company which acts on the retail segment, have products traded on the external market with a strong marketing support based on the appeal to the natural, in which counts not only the product, but the life style of the people. Recently the company has received the certification seal of the Vegan Action, international organization that combats the bad treat to the animals, of animal origin products consume and any action of aggressively to the fauna. The social responsibility happens on several fields. It doesn’t exists yet a determined way to exercise it. It’s a matter of a apprenticeship process for all.

This year the company is investing specially on a international skincare line, the line Amazônia Preciosa, with active principles from the Amazonian biodiversity with sustainability certificates.

Two years ago the company launched coloring products and natural hair care that doesn’t damages health or environment. The company exports all its color line Cream and Powder 100% natural for hair for 9 years, for markets such as Saudi Arabian, France, Belgium, Japan, Russia, Lebanon, Greece, Portugal, Chile, Uruguay, India and United States.

The preoccupation with social responsibility and sustainability is not restricted only to the companies of finished products. The suppliers also focus on these principles. Beraca Ingredients, main Brazilian suppliers of national actives of the Brazilian biodiversity, which branch Brasmazon, sited in Belem (PA, North region) researches and produces vegetal and essential oils. The company has a successful international case on sustainable development which deserved international award– the collect of seed on the Marajo shore (PA). 


Beraca, supplier for national and international brands, developed yet Beraca Ars hair System, a performance  system for dry and damage hair, 100% natural, with substances extracted from seeds of the Amazonian forest. The company participates of uncountable international fairs exhibiting agreements with preservationist entities , such as a covenant on research and extractive exploitation at the Cujubin Sustainable Development Reserve (SDR) with the Amazonas government state, and the International Conservation GNO and with the Orsa Group, through Forestal Orsa, which realizes sustainable forestall handling in an area of 545 thousand hectares at the frontier between Para and Amapa (North region of the country).

The transparency facing investors, high management patterns and human resources administration oriented by capacitating and satisfaction of its employees are aspects each time more relevant on the worldwide scenery. Companies that attends to these exigencies are at the investors sight that, already for sometime, analyses on its evaluations, the index and written reports on sustainability, besides other indicators divulged by the New York and London stock market.