The precept of a good marketing professional It’s always Time to Sell, has win one more occasion to generate good profits. After the Christmas, the Mother’s Day and Summer, the Carnival has become a season of results for products such as make up, nail polishes, body and face luminous powder, gel with glitter and hair and body paintings.

Some companies stars to invest on Carnival season and are launching or working its products in this epoch. They hit the way. Each year tourists come more and more to the Brazilian Carnival and leaves millions of dollars (inclusive for the cosmetic industry) on the most famous Carnival cities and the Brazilians are already known for valuing make up, gle glitters and so on to their Carnival compositions.

The Brazilian company Catharine Hill has opened an interesting niche on bringing to the country its theater makeup products to the country. The brand is launching  products such as make up based on water on several colors, artificial tan for Egyptians and Indians, among other fantasies; colored spray for hair, modal mass and natural latex to create scars, besides cleaning lotion, normal make up and skin care cosmetics.

Revlon made its marketing in a previous Carnival Gala Ball promoted by the Brazilian Vogue last week. The company has set a dressing room of 140 meters square to make up around 2000 top guests. On it the company has launched its collection Revlon® Copacabana Beach, that bets on cheerful and vibrating colors – such as sand, orange, golden and bronze, which remits to the sun light and values the Brazilian woman sensuality. At the end of the party the guests were presented with the best selling products of the New Complexion®One Step line, eraser, foundation and powder on a same product, which uniforms the skin tone, with light and natural cover.

A Antidoto Cosmeticos, a cosmetic company with products based on aromatherapy, has bet on energizing baths to captivate the carnival dancers. The company commercializes energizing and relaxing fragrances to be carried on the bag. The Deo Colony Querida with glitter for instance and yet its gloss with glitter, gives more shine and helps to compound the fantasy. The company profits the date also to decorate its shops with Carnival references and products suggested for the date.

Impala, a Brazilian nail polish company profit from its most festive products to work them at the Carnival on irresistible suggestions for the cheerful consumer: nail ends in two colors with Neon line, with glitters over. Two colors nails with glitter coat, metallic colors. The combinations worked by the marketing works with the products line that can be explored with creativity to the occasion.

“There are products that we have already in our lines and we profit the date to work them. The nail polishes with glitter, metallics, besides the most effusive colors are good for the occasionand the fever of decorated nails has collaborated for we invest on the action, says Impala’s marketing.