Pantone Color Institute, a color benchmark for industry in general around the world, has released the predictions for 2018 of the color movement in current and future seasons.

These predictions help companies make more informed decisions, both in terms of trends and the color development of their brands. It became a world reference after it created a method that specifies each color through a number. This method allowed the printing to be exact and the same anywhere in the world. Whether it is a fabric or a eyeshow, a packaging, or in furniture design, for example. “When 80% of the human experience is filtered through the eyes, we understand exactly how color is critical,” says the institute.

Institute’s website emphasizes that the immediacy of color demands the creation of a successful design strategy. “The innate ability to differentiate and connect brands to consumers makes the color critical to success. At the Pantone Color Institute, we bring together the science and emotion of color to provide a unique and comprehensive set of solutions for every step in the process of choosing and realizing color.”

For this year, the color is Ultra-Violet 18-3838, or the purple and all shades from it, a novelty this year.

“The enigmatic purples have been symbolic of counterculture, unconventionality and artistic brilliance, points out the Pantone Institute. Musical icons Prince, David Bowie and Jimi Hendrix have brought Ultra Violet tones to the forefront of Western pop culture as personal expressions of individuality. Full in nuances and excitement, the Pantone 18-3838 Ultra Violet’s depth symbolizes experimentation and nonconformity, stimulating individuals to imagine their unique brand in the world. ”

Purple is considered the perfect balance between blue, color of contemplation, relaxing, and the red, a vibrant, stimulating color. The color proposal for the year therefore suggests balance and inspiration as purple is a mystical and positive color. The color of balance, because it is soothing and stimulating at the same time. “The idea is for this color to make us more aware of our creative and sensitive abilities,” said Leatrice Eiseman, director of the Pantone Institute.

Ultra Violet In Beauty

Ultra Violet then became the fetish color, steeped in spirituality, even in Beauty, generating makeup, enamel or even inspired packaging. The complex and deep nature of color is very suitable for beauty, creating harmonies, blends and ombres – “ombrés”, suggests the Pantone website, which offers a harmonious color chart that matches the tone.

“A singular matte purple on the lips or nails makes a bold statement of non-conformity, while softly blended metallics and shimmers in Ultra Violet transform the eyes into windows to the cosmos. Purple shades in hair continue to elevate street styles as a symbol of creative expression. On the palette for every beauty medium, Ultra Violet complements and emboldens every other color, adding complexity and mystery.”

Here in Brazil the first national products with ultra violet color are poping out and the products of international brands that are on sale in the country are already on the market. Check it out:


Vult brand has launched a collection of nail polishes that emphasize the color of the year: the Aperte o Play line brings 12 colors inspired by the musical universe and in the main fashion trends, including Pantone color of the year, with: Creamy Orchid, Creamy Lavender, Pearly Open Purple, Pearly Purple and Grape – Pearl Iridescent.

It has also the eyeshadow Uno, enriched with Vitamin E and micronized pigments that promote adhesion, fixation and silky touch. They are oil free, parabens, offer break resistance and have excellent adhesion. The collection brings matte finishes, sparkling enamel and even with particles of brilliance. (R $ 11,00) And Vult’s newly launched line of matte lipsticks includes dark purple tones that have high creaminess and coverage (R$ 19.50)


Natura has several products that come in the shades of purple allowed for the year. We highlight here the Natura Extreme One Matif FPS 15, with a matte finish and 12 hours of fixing (R $ 45,90). The Multibalm in purple color, a product with three different applications: blush effect, balm effect and lipstick effect (R $ 29,90) and Natura EkosSoffee bar creamy and exfoliating, a Trio of bar soaps pure vegetable, with 2 creamy soaps and 1 açaí scrub. R $ 18.90.


Hinode has prepared some Ultra-Violet color launches, also featuring violet packaging: Mini Moonlight Jumbo Mini Pencil, a super pigmented shade pencil ($ 30.00). Perfect nails pink blush ($ 20.00); Chubby Illuminator, an intense illuminator, in two shades, with the practicality of chubby (automatic stick) (R $ 32,00); Scrubylicious – scrub with sugar crystals, reduces dead cells, stimulates cell renewal and leaves lips soft and clean. (R $ 38.00).

O Boticário has created an Eau de Parfum Elysée Nuit, which combines damask roses with a sweet touch of macarron, traditional French sweet. This sophisticated combination, according to the company, was thought to reveal the bolder side of women. Intense Lipstick, Matte 200 Mysteries, bring in high coverage and matte effect a striking purple ($ 23.90).
Revlon brought ColorStay 16 Hours to Eyeshadow Shadow – 530 Seductive ($ 59.90) and Shadow Primer PhotoReady Primer + Shadow – 503 Muse (R $ 74.90)

NARS brought the Velvet Shadow Stick – Velvet Matte Lip Pencil – Pussy Control ($ 136.00) and the Velvet Matte Lip Pencil.

RK by KISS brought a wooden pencil for the mouth in the purple tone (R $ 6,00)