Considered by the retail trade as a second Christmas, thanks to the heating of the sales, the Mother’s Day, commemorated last Sunday in Brazil, makes the sector particularly optimist this year, because of the so awaited drop on the tax interest and of the readjust on the minimum wage. According to the Shopkeepers Director Chamber – CDL, in 2006 the Mother’s Day sales should represent a growth of 10%.

On the cosmetic sector, great part of the companies once more profited the opportunity to launch products, reactivate the Sales of products as a whole, to compound special cases for each kind of mother and also for each kind of familiar pocket expecting to give to impel sales.

For Ayurvida, an Argentine company with a subsidiary in the country, the date represents 25 % of increase on the sales. “It is the date of greater increase on sales after the Christmas”, says the company.
It hasn’t developed specific products for the data this year, but accessories to compound special cases for the date, as candle and necessaries. The most searched products of the brand are the ones of perfumery and the line Aroma SPA, with massage oils, bath gels, aromatic salts, besides aromatic diffusers, candle and atmosphere oils.

The national perfumery and cosmetics franchise Água de Cheiro intensifies its production this year in more then 30% in relation to the same period last year. The company expects sales growth of 20% in 2006. According to the Água de Cheiro marketing manager, Daniel Soares, the Mother´s Day is the second major Sales data, behind only the Christmas. “We bet on diversified kits on items and on prices. The kits brings deo-colonies, soaps, oils and body lotions, with prices between US$ 16.3 to US$ 26.5”.

Ox Cosmeticos in partnership with air company TAM, distributed last week 475 products kits to the passengers, Claude Berger launched a special hydrating for the date featuring the smell of chocolate with strawberry.

O Boticario´s expectation is to enhance on 15% the Sales in relation to the previous year. With its 2.327 stores in Brazil, the company invested on marketing actions and a special publicity campaign to present special kits and the perfume Accordes Harmonia of limited edition. It was produced a TV film, radio spots, announces on printed media and outdoors. It was also developed a special área on the O Boticario´s website with present suggestions and even a cultural concourse with prizes for the 10 best Mother’s Day Homage.
Action on propaganda and special decoration for the stores, communication next to the Fidel clients and clients of the virtual store, specific communicates, demonstrating all the cases line and present options, were other specific company’s actions for the date which is very strong on the company’s calendar.

Natura does not divulge data referent to the date, but it has launched a collection of de 14 special cases emphasizing the concept – “Mother. Happy through life”, in which it values the relation of love between mother and child, with teaching that are sent from generation in generation. As illustrative reference of the concept it was chosen the lace. The illustration is base don the fact that “the secrets of the craft are transmitted from mouth to mouth, from mother to daughter, together with the life’s lessons. On the groups of lacemaker, besides handling lace bobbin and needles, it is learn how to leave and to live together “, proclaims the company’s communication.