cosméticos br is publishing a serie of opinions of people of the market, about the segment that more and more gets expertise, bringing to the public disguises of imperfections (pearled pigments that reflects light and disguises fine lines) and also a lot of glamour (shine on powder brushes for the shoulders and bust, glosses that intensify the lips, eye shadows and very expensive imported powders, etc), without forgetting the ones that choose the charm of the natural make ups or the total absence of it. The discussion may precede a story that might come soon.

Disguise or Glamour the makeup is really a need?

Ocimar Versolato, one of the most important Brazilian stylists emphasizes the importance of the glamour: “Itis the sublimation of the being, it is the only thing able to change everything, it is the maximum of the enchantment”.

Ana Eliza Pavao, marketing category manager of O Boticario – Makeup nowadays is a way of valorization and contributes for the self woman’s self confidence. Ir helps to make fell better, to take one’s stand among others, in a reunion, in a party or in intimate dinner. Make up signifies the transformation. The woman can become what she wants: powerful, seductive, tender, fatal…. It is a necessary woman tool on the relation with the world around her.

Marcos Costa, Natura´s official make up artist – “The makeup values the countenance traces.  It should be used according to the physical character and, mainly, with the personality and style of each person. We can’t forget also that the makeup can ally beauty, care and protection to the skin, without giving up of the glamour. That’s why it is always fundamental!”

Ralph Lauren, American stylist – “Glamour is in a certain way something indefinable – it is more a sensation, an aura. It is the way someone moves, the style with which dresses and shares its personality. A woman can be equally glamorous dressing an old jeans pants or a beautiful party dress.”

Alexandre Nakano, Shiseido´s Marketing Coordinator – The makeup can be used as a need, because it corrects or disguise little imperfections, or as glamour on special occasions. The fact is that the technology improvement on cosmetics brought to the make up the effect of not only to color or minimize little imperfections, but also of treating the skin. Today, for instance, the Lifting Foundation by Shiseido which we’ll launch soon provides a lifting and firming effect minimizes lines and wrinkles besides protecting the skin against UV rays. The important is to emphasize that the makeup should be used to enhance women’s beauty and not only to transform them in any face.
Marcia Sales, Avon makeup category manager – “Our global research, realized with 21 thousand women on 24 countries, revealed that cosmetic products are a need not a luxury to the major women. There are the women that search a make up which follows the trends of each season, with the focus on color novelties or packaging. The antiage care is also valued on makeup by a expressive number of consumers, because it presents intelligent technologies which helps on the skincare. Is a fact that the makeup contributes to disguise imperfections, however, it’s important to emphasize that today it is more used to detach the most beautiful the woman have. ”

Roberto D´Angelo, Importer and Distributor Excellence Training Manager – Since Antiquity men and women search the formula to make better their appearance and the make up sustains part of this ideal. It is the need allied to the glamour.

Maria Consolaçao De Millus Marketing Manager –  “The make up, used as a disguise of imperfections, is a cheaper solution for the quotidian, better then kind A botulinic toxin and plastic surgery. We have today makeup products on the market that disguises imperfections associated to treatments and sum protection solar and also the ones that provides a tuning aspect. There are worldwide trends that turn makeup a need.”

Dra. Eliane Brenner, Dermatus director-president – “The makeup is a great ally to add glamour to the day-by-day and on special occasions. When necessary it disguises imperfections, the corrective makeup, with textures and special colorations, it covers signal that compromises the skins good appearance providing gains on welfare and self confidence. When applied correctly it covers dark circles, scars, spots and more intense problems, such as acne or worse. Therefore, the makeup is a glamour factor and a need. Besides, it protects the skin against polution and sun rays.”