The printed divulgation of the cosmetic companies and international perfumery use to be elaborated, rich on information, with beautiful pictures and catalogues that incorporates, from time to time, parts of advertising campaigns, specially when it deals with fragrances.

In Brazil the caprice with products divulgation is also remarkable and  enhances more and more. The releases are presented to the journalists on colorful folders. Some companies already use recyclable materials, frequently used for another utilities. Chamma da Amazonia, for instance divulges the legends of Amazonian tied to its fragrances in attempt to divulge the Brazilian culture enclosed on its products. Other companies tie with its packaging gifts typically Brazilian.

Spring-Summer and Autumn-Winter catalogues, especially for make up and fragrances are coming out as well, with rich and creative productions. Folders, bags, nécessaire, uncountable resources are used to better express the product and the predicative of the brands.

Great part of this material is presented not only to the press but also on divulgations next to shopkeepers and friends. Anyway it is a divulgation material that is, most of the time profited again or kept as preciousness by collectors.

Internationally its use is promotional and plays the role of a brand and its products spokesman.
The Aromatic Tales by Chanel is an example. The material has already a few years and was offered to journalists on the occasion of one of the Jacques Poge – le “né de Chanel” visit to Brazil.

Jacques Poge, Maker of Channel Perfumes in Grasse, when the rose season arrives

This material, reunited in four volumes, in a hard cover packaging, contains in each volume a tale about the fragrances creation of the French brand. More then this material is a potent marketing peace, in which it is known with acuity the content of the fragrances through its notes, from where they were brought and produced by whom. All this material is shown in a lyrical and competent way. The series Voyagers & Encounters offered by the Chanel´s Public Relation Director, which presents “A journey around the world to present the natural essences that are contained on the Chanel perfumes”.

cosméticos br tells briefly one of these tales that describes the smells in a literally enchanting way, besides showing some of its beautiful illustrations – Chanel nº 19 – The Princess and the Mime. Enjoy it, preferably at the side of a delicious fragrance….


In a distant reign, which unknown pain, war or hate, the perfection and the happiness were maculated just for the blindness of the kings’ beauty daughter.

At the age of getting married, her fathers invited suitors of all reigns, which arrived from the whole world, with presents and dressed with rich clothes. But, once the princess couldn’t see them, its interest for the suitors was null. 

One day, an Italian magicians and acrobat troupe has arrived to the reign.
Its most popular member was a mime, which had great ability to express human emotions without the need to say a single word… because he was mute.
Long before, news of the young princess had reached his ears, and secretly he loved her. But he was a quandary. How could he ever hope to impress her?

So he resolved to compose a bouquet of enchants for her with essences that would express its feelings. He recalled Tuscany, his native soil, of fields that expressed the nature harmony. He remembered the month of May, when the flowering iris tinted the meadows with lavender. The breeze, tempered by the vineyards and olive groves, caused theirs graceful heads to shake. The virtue of the iris lay in its nature, simultaneously noble and popular. 

                                                                               Husking the Iris

He loved springtime, and the rebirth of hope it expressed to him it was represented by a rare kind of rose he discovered in France, on Grasse region. The rose would speak to the princess of fulfilled promises, hope, and fervor. He bound it together with the iris at the center of his bouquet.

More momories, more joys and more flowers flooded into his mind. At last it was time to choose the essential flower, endowed with absolute purity even as it conveyed a vow of eternal love. He rummaged through the sensations he’d experienced, and found the one.

It was the time they had performed in an open-air theater at the court of the Bay of Tunis in Hammamet, the City of Gardens. In total silence, emphasized by the whisper of the waves lapping at his feet, he was playing the part of Pierrot. A hypnotic fragrance had crept in with the night, wrapping the enthusiastic audience in sensuality and abandon that owed nothing to the mime’s talent. But to the aroma of the bitter orange blossoms and fruit at the same time: simultaneously, the promiss and its fulfillment.

For this reason, orange blossoms had become symbols of pristine purity, and were included in a bride’s wedding bouquet as a guarantee of glad tidings and bliss. This flower, though the mime, will be the ideal messenger with whom to entrust my request for her hand.
 May Rose, Florentine Iris and Orange Blossom

And, as it sometimes happens in the marvelous world of fairy tales and magicians, the bouquet became a fragrance.

One year later, when he sought na audience at the Royal court, he was the 19th suitor. Despite a thundering heart, the mime went forward, firm in his determination. Delicately, he uncorked the precious flask and brought it close to the princess’s face. As soon as he did so, the princess sat up, lifted by a thrill of joy, her face illuminated by a radiant smile. The courtiers present could not restrain themselves from exclaiming in astonishment.

The Young woman rose, transfigured, and announced that she wanted to wed this nineteenth suitor, since he was the only to have know how to speak to her soul.

It was then her parents understood their daughter had indeed found true love; not the love of mere appearances, which can be deceived, but the love of aromas which opens onto an infinite world whose only horizons are those of the imagination, a world of dream accessible to every voyager in the boundless inner universe of the mind.

The wedding was an occasion for great rejoicing, and everyone was at last introduced to the perfume, “Nº 19”. Flowers were forthcoming from every country, and the Princess and the Mime used them to construct their own alphabet. It gave rise to a new language, which is still being used to communicate today.