In a country where people love to bathe and wash their hair, the practicality of shampoos dry took long to conquer the taste the Brazilians. However, now they bring more benefits and quality, catching the attention of an avid audience for practicality, with the extensive and rapid routine nowadays.

It is a practical and at hand solution for last-minute commitments for when there is no time for a full bath – wash, dry and modeling the hair.
Dry shampoos allow people from morning to night, from work to the dance floor, may present themselves renewed, without the appearance of dirty hair. They allow the hair to become light, supple and fragrant again, at least with the new versions that are emerging.

There are dozens of options on the market, usually imported and expensive, but still few among the national brands. However, the global brands manufactured in the country have already perceived an category in growand are launching efficient and cheap products in the country.

According to a survey conducted by Unilever, eight out of ten Brazilian women spend at least one day without washing their hair. And depending on your hair type, drier, oily or with chemistry, they have different feelings on that day. Some love the day without washing because they feel that their hair looks more beautiful and defined in Day 2, generally are those that have the driest yarn. Others tolerate this day as they want to keep the chemistry they make in the hair last longer. And there are also those that do not like, because they get oily and lose shape and movement.

Interest usually begins timid, an experience in a fringe, a touch here and there, then the product becomes aggregator of volume, texture and even color, and can be taken to anywhere …

Among the brands in the market, there are differences in performance and benefits. Some add volume and are preferred by people with thin, straight hair. They use dry shampoos even along the wires to gain more volume or differentiated texture … There are brands that add tonalities, such as Batiste, the ones that are indicated for more sensitive scalp such as Acure, which is certified and vegan, but most of them can even be used in threads that have passed through chemical processes, since oiliness-absorbing components are generally natural ingredients, such as tapioca and rice.


Brings Batiste Dry Shampoo Black and Dark Brown, which cleans without water and still adds color, allows a perfect coverage of darker hair, besides helping to disguise the growth of white roots. Revitalizes hair and removes excess oil, leaving them with a healthy look and natural volume. The brand also offers the Shampoo Seco Light & Blonde version helps to stylize and keep wires clean and free from oiliness in a practical and fast way. Its innovative formula returns the natural movement to the hair instantly, without using water. Brings color and texture to light blond hair and provides light effects. It tones the natural threads of light and blond color, disguises the white threads, revitalizes and prolongs the color of hair dyed for longer. (both versions for $ 42.50)
The application in both cases requires that the packaging of the product be well shaken before each application, which should be done in small jets, at a distance of 30 cm. It is also necessary to massage and brush the hair. In the versions 50ml (R $ 18.90) and 150ml (R $ 31.90)
The original dry shampoo of the brand eliminates the excess oiliness of the threads, leaving the hair clean and the scalp fresh. It revitalizes wires, decreases color fading, prolongs the effect of chemical processes and fixes hairstyles.


Lee Stafford
The product besides masking the oily roots, also leaves the hair smelling of immediate freshness. Contains corn starch, which quickly absorbs oiliness by renewing hair without leaving it heavy. (R $ 59,90) The Dark version has iron oxide particles, which do not stain the skin, besides facilitating the application in the dark roots. The version on- the-go of the Original Shampoo Dry, can carry in the bag, fotr the day to day. (R $ 51.90 and R $ 51.90, respectively)
The fragrance comes with candy, caramel and raspberry scent. In the velvety heart vanilla that joins a sensual background of fine woods and musks. The brand is distributed in the country by Multi B (Grupo Boticário)


Dove Care on Day 2 – Dry Shampoo instantly reduces hair oiliness without washing and leaving no visible residue, keeping the hair shiny and moving. Its formula, has particles capable of absorbing excess oiliness, without taking awaythe movement of the threads and leaving no visible residues. The fragrance, combats the bad odor leaves the yarn fragrant and refreshing. So it can be interesting even for those who do not have oily hair, but would like to keep them refreshed and scented on Day 2.
“Along with Dove Care on Day 2 – Shampoo a Seco we developed 2 other products with formulas developed in Brazil and specially designed for Brazilian hair care, for all types of hair and for different uses besides leaving the hair beautiful and health, even when they are not washed, “says Fernanda Gama, marketing manager at Unilever.
“We conducted research and studies with all types of hair to develop the Dove Care on Day 2 line. Dry Shampoo stood out by the fragrance and for renewed the threads without taking the movement or leaving visible residues, the dreaded little white powder that some dry shampoos usually let, “says Sueli Cagliari, research and development manager for Unilever.


TRESemmé Day 2 Dry 2-in-1 shampoo also controls root oiliness, conditions the hair instantly, leaving hair fresh and soft. Just like the Original, it leaves no visible residue and can be used to give texture to the treads to create a look with a professional finish. Suitable for normal to dry hair. Contains no sulfates, salt or parabens. ($ 16.99)

Fernanda Gama, marketing manager at Unilver says: “The increasingly agitated and intense routine and the desire to remain always beautiful are increasingly dormant in our consumers. In addition, there is always that day when you did not have time to wash your hair, or else the woman wants to prolong that brush or hairstyle. It was thinking about this that we decided to launch the Day 2 line, to meet this need ”



Shampoo to Dry Pantene Pro-V, the formulation contains tapioca, which prolongs the feeling of cleansing between washes. The product at dry absorbs oiliness and leaves an instantaneous feeling of freshness without the need to wash with water, giving a clean and refreshed look even on the day after washing. R $ 21,00 in pharmacies and drugstores and also online.

“Dry shampoo is now a category that exists, which the Brazilian consumer needs more and more, but the availability of the brands was still small. In October we launched the Pantene dry shampoo that besides removing even the oiliness from the hair on days between the washes, or at the moments when the woman needs, leaves no residue.We talked a lot with the women who work and go to the gym and who often stopped going to social commitments because dirty hair did not allow, “says Isabella Zakzuk, director of marketing at Procter & Gamble.


Brand has the OSIS + Boho Rebel Pigmented Dry Shampoo line also offers toning for light or dark hair, as well as absorbing greasiness, leaving no residue and adding texture. R $ 48. Brand has also Schwarzkopf Osis + Refresh Dust – Shampoo Seco – provides a deep cleansing, leaving the hair clean, perfumed, with volume but light and shiny. (300ml R $ 130.00)


More brands on the Internet

QOD CITY AIR TOUCH – (150 ml, R$ 19,90)
EIMI Dry Me da Wella is a dry shampoo that creates controlled volume and texture for a feeling of loose, clean hair. Its formula contains tapioca starch, which absorbs the greasiness from the threads. Creates volume and texture. (R $ 124.10)

TIGI Bed Head Oh Bee Hive! dry shampoo for all types of hair. It has light fixation and helps give a little more texture (R $ 83,90)
Dry Shampoo Keune Design Dry Shampoo in Spray, removes the smell of dirty hair, leaves the root fresh and helps strengthen the hair, thanks to the extract of Bamboo, present in the formula of the product. (75 mL, R 34.90)
From Kloraine Shampoo at Dry c /  Oat Milk Spray for sensitive hair scalp with Corn Starch and Rice and microspheres and silica natural absorbents which eliminate dirt, greasiness and odor. (150ml, R $ 66.64) on the Care to Beauty website
By Joico Instant Refresh Dry Shampoo at Dry (R$ 148,90).
Cless  Brazilian professional brand (ideal for use by those who has chemisty on the hair): 200 ml, R$ 20,39
Aspa, national brand of dermocosmetics (for sensitive hair): 150 ml, R$ 17,91
Oscar Blandi (the unique that is non spray): 70 gramas, R$ 95,00
By Acure, the  Dry Shampoo for Brunette to Dark Hair R$ 34,89 has USDA organic certification. The formulation contains cocoa and rosemary. Without parabens, sulfates, phthalates, silicones, mineral oil or petrolatum, and vegan. (on the iherb site)
Although the dry shampoos are a very practical bough breaks, to be used between hair washes, in days of no time and a lot of events, to disguise the oiliness or when a flu or cold momentarily prevents washing the hair, it is good to remember that they are no substitute for proper hair washing with water and traditional water-based shampoo. The scalp needs to be properly and regularly sanitized to prevent diseases and irritations on the scalp.