Passion or mania, Brazilian women do not let up and paint their nails every week, sometimes twice a week. Keeping hands beautiful is like wearing lipstick, it´s a presentation in the work market and in personal life. It is a very feminine care that women – and men – enjoy to appreciate. Thus, Brazilians consumed a volume of 503.8 million units of enamels in 2016, totaling an amount of R $ 2,322.1 million, according to data from Euromonitor, a market data research agency. The growth trend for the segment, according to the agency is 18.4% in volume by 2021, to R $ 2,820.5 million, in a price forecast for 2016.

Enamels and makeup here in Brazil go very close, especially  the lipstick-enamel combination, which is very popular. Attentive to the female audience, the companies producing enamels begin to develop some makeup items, which soon turn into complete lines. There are many brands that bet on the duo, to reinforce trends – and sales.
AleSouzaOcéane, a developer of various beauty items, has  launched a collection of makeup and enamels in partnership with the top beauty artist Ale de Souza, specializing in visagism and creative direction. The collection includes palettes of shades, trio of illuminating blushs lipsticks effect matte pencils for lip contour and eyes, including a nude; False eyelashes and enamels complete the line.

Hinode has launched Dazzle, its own makeup line, with 118 items – among lipsticks, matte effect balm, shadows (including metallic ones), gloss, blush, illuminator – complemented by enamels of the Italian brand BellaOggi, present in 18 countries and sold in the country through Hinode’s catalogs.

Impala bets on the successful combination of enamel + lipstick of the same color. Her collections of makeup and enamels bet on the colors – pink, purple, red, brownish nude and brown – reflect the feminine daily life, full of surprises and unforeseeable situations, that only a heroine can handle.

Dailus has prepared to the autumn-winter collection, makeup and enamel lines inspired by international trends for the season. Its makeup line is comprised of Liquid Eye Shadow, Matte Lipstick, Mosaic Blush, Illuminating Powder, Gel Eyeliner, and Enamels. The lipsticks come in eight shades, which like the colors of the creamy enamels, have a predominance of purple-eggplant shades. The metallic appears in both the collection of lipsticks and enamels.

The Dailus Color Enamel line is complete. Brings transparent, metallic, creamy and sparkling enamels in shades like Blackberry Jelly (purple tone) and Save The Date (golden tone). They offer fast drying and high setting. And yet, big brush flat brush, developed with fuller bristles, which provides uniformity in the application optimal result.

Nude Trend

According to Google, nude tones are the most sought after on the internet. And they consolidate as new classics, alongside red and white enamel.

Dailus has developed a special collection of makeup and nude nail polishes “Nude Cada um Tem o Seu (Nude Everybody Has Theirs)”. Both lines bring different nude tones, so that each consumer chooses the best tint for their skin tone. The makeup collection brings: Creamy Lipstick Varnish, Liquid Lipstick, Shadow Quartet and Creamy Enamel. Each item has eight color options.

Impala, throughout its creation process for a new collection takes an average of six to eight months, it searches for references on trend websites, trends studies on fashion catwalks and trend make up’s worldwide, says company. Nude is part of the brand’s new autumn / winter collection, called Secret Identity. It is a trend that comes from the summer and that continues in high. Impala’s bet for Autumn Winter shades are purple (purple), brown (more for coffee), and brownish Nude. Beyond the Red, always present at the station. The enamels have fast drying, intense coverage and gloss.

Vult has launched the My Nude collection with 9 gourmand tones: brownie, chocolate syrup, ganache, brown icing, loaf of bread, honey bread, paella, milk pudding and rocambole. “The nudes had already been pointed as a strong trend since the second semester of the previous year. And we are also attentive to the needs of the market, which for some time called for shades that covered the variety of skin tones that exist not only in our country, “says Cibele Lelli – Product Manager Vult. Vult Enamels offer UBS = Uniformity (Big Brush 900 Brush Brush) technology; Brightness (High Shine Effect) and Fast Drying (Ultrasonic Drying Effect).


Nati offers a lot of fun to name its collection for fall 2017 – “Rolê Cazamigas”. Based on international research, the brand’s proposal in the development of this collection is to offer colors that will dominate the season starting from natural brownish tonalities to rosy variations, the main color of the season. In this collection gain highlights metallized and with special glows.

Its colors: Brown cappuccino – creamy;  Urban Pink – creamy;  Lilac Orchid – creamy;  Wine – metallic; transparent white with bluish glow and luster – pearly. Nati glazes are 3free, ie free of DBP, toluene, formaldehyde and substances that can cause allergies; have delicate fragrance of deo colony that intensifies in the nails after the drying of the enamel. The flat brush has double bristles, following international standards as it facilitates the application and allows each layer to be evenly distributed over the nails. They have quick drying; Durability and long-term coverage.


Another enamel brand, Urbanik was inspired by the lights of the city to launch three colors full of attitude in the collection Good Vibes, which combines metallic nuances and sophisticated finishes. The colors present the modern / classic counterpoint in the colors Ivory Tower (creamy white), Buy Compulsive (golden) and Digital Passion (creamy red). The enamel composition contains the exclusive Nail Force, a special ingredient derived from the olive plant that hydrates deeply providing greater resistance to the nail. Formulated with a technology that guarantees seven days of enamel life, company guarantees. They are also presented in a flat flat brush for a practical and homogeneous application.

Coty has partnered with Warner Bros. Consumer Products to develop the Wonder Woman collection, the beloved female heroine, to represent the empowerment of women in her Risqué enamel collection.

There are six colors that represent the powers of the character based on her costume: blue, red, terracotta and starry blue are creamy and gold and black are metallized. All the enamels in the collection are hypoallergenic and have special packaging, with a red cap, star ribbon and the Wonder Woman’s coat of arms. They are sold separately and in a special packaging with three enamels. “We know of the power and strength that the Wonder Woman character represents and that they must reveal the power of our consumers,” says Regiane Bueno, Risqué’s marketing director.