On June 5, the Environment Day is celebrated. This is not just a date, but a reminder that every day is a day of initiatives that preserve our greatest good: life.

highlights the importance of the sector’s attitudes that, one by one, improving and preserving the environment of the country and the planet. Together with other initiatives, in all parts of the world, they will be able to promote means of survival in a conscious way, for the good of all.

The cosmetics market has heard the demands of its consumers, has changed and continues to change its attitude. It is one of the most productive and creative sectors of the economy, anywhere in the world. It finds solutions for everything – with technologies and goodwill. Lets see some beautiful and interesting examples.

Eau Thermale Avène brand since 2013 uses a unique and patented Sunsitive® Protection Complex on all new sunscreens and does not have silicone, which increases biodegradability and reduces environmental impact, especially in marine environments. Mat Perfect, its latest release, controls oiliness and offers potent antioxidant action through the vitamin C present in the formula.

Alfaparf Cosmética di Trattamento,  a retail division of the Italian multinational Alfaparf Group has just launched the Vegan Care line, for its Alta Moda brand, of hair care products. The line is composed of shampoo, conditioner, leave-in and treatment mask. The formula contains no ingredients of animal origin and includes several natural hydrating actives, conditioners, emollients, nutrients, antioxidants, anti-frizz, preventing breakage of the threads and providing brilliance, malleability and luminosity.

“Consumers are becoming more aware and looking for products that are less aggressive to the environment and the line ‘Alta Moda is … Vegan Care’ meets this demand. We enter this market because we understand that this is a lifestyle that has come to stay, “says Monique Soares, Marketing Coordinator of the Retail Division of Alfaparf.

For O Boticário, the environment translates into the implementation of best practices in its products, operations and sales channels, in business and in the collaborative network, which contribute to business growth, the development of society and the preservation of the environment, said the company.

Therefore, the company’s socio-environmental performance is based on four strategic focuses: product life cycle – from design to disposal and from strategy to operation, from the prospection and use of technologies, materials and methods that improve the environmental performance, social and economic of products.

For the company it is important that the consumer knows all the characteristics of what he is buying. That’s why it brought the eco alcool to the eau de toilette line, which does not alter the olfactory of perfumery at all, but reduces emissions by more than 30% compared to the traditional version. The Cuide-se Bem line, of body products brings Braskem’s Green Plastic, made from ethanol from sugarcane – and around 3,000 tons of CO2 are no longer sent to the atmosphere every year. The flasks of Malbec Club Intenso have 35% recycled glass in their composition, which allows the reuse of more than 180 tons of glass. And the products of the Nativa SPA line have packages made with recycled PET, which incorporates the equivalent of more than 40 thousand bottles of 2-liter soft drink.

Lola Cosmetics  has just launched the Menta Bonita line, to promote refreshment and softness for the care with all types of hair. The formula for shampoo and conditioner comes with 100% natural ingredients and thermal protection. Mint Essential Oil is a refreshing, invigorating active that raises moods, promotes freshness and calms the mind. Its antiseptic properties take care of the scalp and stimulate the blood circulation, returning nutrients from the root, to stronger and healthier hair. And Cucumber Extract is rich in water, vitamins A, B and C, potassium and mineral salts. The cucumber protects the threads from moisture loss and returns strength.

Jeunesse Spa Botanicals thas hypoallergenic products developed with blends of natural actives from various countries, but their packaging in particular, respect the environment. They are environmentally friendly, made from renewable materials, 100% recyclable and use non-polluting hot stamping.

French brand Nuxe, a brand of natural cosmetology founded in France, brings delicate products to face, body and hair based on honey of bees and also 45 patents, the result of scientific excellence in research and sustainable development.

All products of the brand feito brasil are cruelty-free vegans, produced in a sustainable way and do not generate non-bio-compatible residues. In addition, the company makes use of water abstracted from rain for cleaning and organizes its spaces making the most of natural light. The manual process avoids losses of raw material and excess stock, generating little industrial residue.

Its new collection, Ziriguidum brings for example the Rapadura Exfoliante, which is made with reuse of the bagasse of sugar cane. She and the Tapioca Espuma de Banho (Bath Foam), are made without adding water. And still, the Body Illuminator Abre Alas and the Goma Esfoliante  Rochás, from Quintal brand are made without microplastics that pollute the waters: the illuminator has sustainable chain mineral mica in place of glitter, and the gum has crystal of quartz in place of the microspheres.

Santapele, cosmetics brand of the Emiliano Hotels, launched in the retail this year, presents two unisex fragrances, developed by renowned international perfumers. Kit Santopé, for example, brings the Vegan Spray, soothing and that provides immediate relief to the tiredness of the feet. It is not tested on animals and does not contain preservatives, dyes and parabens. Because it is a 100% natural cosmetic has action for 4 hours. Therefore, for continuous results it is worth the reapplication of the product.


The supplier industry is also recycling itself, adapting to new times and playing its part. Many and many initiatives are being developed. It would not be feasible to publish all of them, but we’ve published some examples and interesting launches.

quantiQ, a GTM Group company, acts as a link between customers and chemical producers through sustainable solutions. “Innovation is the main factor driving the market. The demand for more technical and specific materials grows in line with the performance standards for the sector: qualification, productivity increase and products with lower environmental impact, “says the company.

In the line of cosmetics features innovations in French actives of Oléos (Hallstar Group) French company dedicated to natural active ingredients based on oils known as OLEOACTIF ™, obtained by patented process, totally green, eco-extraction with vegetable solvents, low energy consumption, low environmental impact, no chemicals, no inorganic solvents, and according to COSMOS certification.

“There is a lot of growth space for small and medium-sized manufacturing companies in Brazil, as they are innovative, highly effective at low concentrations and have green technology, which adds value to premium formulations for the dermocosmetic market,” says the company.

In the area of sustainable ingredients and ingredients for the beauty and cosmetics market, the main novelty of Rhodia (Solvay Group) is the Augeo® Clean Multi, focused on body mist formulations and perfumes that require different characteristics like excellence in the dilution of fragrances, greater potentiation of odor and fixation of fragrances used by manufacturers in their products.

Developed in the company’s Brazilian laboratories, the Augeo® Clean Multi is a solvent of renewable source, with attributes that combine high solubility with correct volatility. In addition to being safe for people, animals and the environment, the product is a sustainable alternative for companies looking for new solutions for Personal Care applications. Companies in Asia and Europe are already formulating their products with sustainable solvent.

Still in perfumery, Scentec has all its fragrances are free of allergens required by the regulatory bodies of Europe.