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This week AES Eletropaulo, greatest South American electric energy distributor on invoicing, with a net income of $ 427,7 mns in 2007, has taken its knowledge on Environmental Management System – SGA for a professional public related to the area at Quality National Foundation – FNQ headquarters, an entity with no profit purposes which foresees entrepreneurial management perfecting. 

As we will see bellow, company’s worries with SGA is so encircling and big, that AES Eletropaulo – without even be a company considered polluting in its activity – has a true environmental brigade into the company on search of strategies for improvements in this area. The company was certified on 190 environmental certification websites and is certified with ISO 14001 on Environmental Management, with internal and external auditor office every years and certification 14001 each three years.

At last, what is the importance of the Environmental Management area in a company? Why AES Eletropaulo, which is an open capital American multinational, has this great involving with the area?

“It is not just a matter of financial subject”, says the coordinator of the area in the company, Sonia Hermsdorff, “the responsibility with the stakes holders, is part of company’s compromise. If it won’t be prepared to minimize an environmental problem, sure it will have impact on the shares of the shares. But this involvement with the environmental area is right a company’s policy. If you evaluate that you have areas which can cause environmental damages, you have to have a managing action over them”.

AES Eletropaulo submits its Environment Managing reports to the American AES and to the Sales Commission System of the USA – SEC. There is also a series of regulations imposed by the American Corporation to all of its subsidiaries worldwide. And there are also the Brazilian legislation with rigorous rules and environmental norms: In 2007 Cetesb – Basic Sanitation Company – has applied five fines to AES Eletropaulo totalizing $ 6,3 thousand, contested by company, which waits for final decision. “Anyway you have to attend and even surpass what legislation demands”, considers Hermsdorff.

Besides AES Eletropaulo low environmental impact, employees and population social awareness is part of company’s SGA. Its suppliers must attend to a specific documentation demanded, inclusive diesel vehicles monitored and there are investments on research and development to the area, besides trimester meetings with company’s directory about the theme.  Besides, all the available documentation on Environmental Management goes to every employee through Intranet to not leave printed documents.  “Nowadays no company survives if it doesn’t have Environment Management”, sentences Sonia Hermsdorff.

Where to start from

But, from where starts a company’s SGA? SGA Eletropaulo area coordinator enumerates some aspects:

– Analysis of activities, existing products and services. Then we go to the areas verify all the activities there related.

– We identify the aspects of what can cause an environment impact.

– After we have a classification related to the managing. We make an evaluation of these impacts, we determine if the aspects are signifying or not, based in a methodology.

– We verify the incident legislation about them, associating them to company’s environmental aspect (we have a control pad for this) and then we go marking in this control pad which are the areas related with that specific aspect.

– We enable the aspects on the operational and managing areas. Today we have two controls pad: one of evaluation on methodology (evaluate if these aspects are being signifying or not) and another just of that signifying which we disposal to people, because everybody must know it. We revise this control pad yearly or when it is necessary.

– When we verify on the control pad that an aspect has major relevance, for instance, some complaint of interested part on the call center it is considered signifying.

– For them we have managing actions: operating control, of more generalized proceeding, integrated to security and health and to the work instructions that are more specific and detailed. We can define also as signifying aspect a goal in a environmental managing program. Or we can work the problem as a emerging situation.

Legislation Analysis 

Currently we have a partner company to evaluate the incident legislation over AES Eletropaulo – Federal, State and Municipal. We make everything via Web – it is a system we receive all the legislation, to be generated an action plan and sent through email to the responsible person of the area together with a report in order to know who is late on the program who is not.

Every considered danger residue are directed to an area and we make the adequate destination, the monitoring of the water consume, of energy, paper, vehicles smoke control, equipments maintaining waste water control, chemical products, workers monitoring on managing quality subject, enlargement of liability, storage area, recyclables date, health services residues cover which follows specific rules, among others.


On the auditors we have identified the problems and we have established an action plan which they have to accomplish, but it is not demanded that they are certified. It is demanded that they have proper environmental practices.

Another Project of ours is the Urban Orchard, at Rio Pinheiros margin of 70 thousand meters square, with 70 % of this area belonging to us and disposal this area to any company that would want to make its maintenance. So there are projects of planting and recover of River margin wild forest, were it were planted more or less 270 plants species.

The Municipal secretary of environment contracts unemployed people trains these people to work there. There are around 10 thousand threes planted, analyzed, catalogued and maintained by AES Eletropaulo.

The Source Project contributes for the reduction of irregular occupancy on Source Protection areas. Company invests yet on m solutions to perfect the use of resources, searching for the material reductions, as service commands in paper, or the five hydrogen buses, which should start to work still this year, besides of a hydrogen production station and buses provisioning.

More then socio environmental projects, company maintains environmental education activities, with videos about global heating, recycling and responsible water consume.

Today AES focus worldwide is to invest on alternative technologies. In Brazil inclusive, we work to identify new projects on carbon credit area, and also of new alternative energy possibilities. Currently on the American headquarter there is a working group to identify new renewable source energies.

The structure to maintain this Environmental Managing System – SGA Eletropaulo is composed by: Presidency Committee, High Management Committee, Technical Coordinator, Interlocutors and Multiplicators, and also SGA Structure on unities and areas.