The next edition of FCE Cosmetique (Nüremberg Messe), which starts next Tuesday (21) and continues until the 23rd, will present the main trends and launches for the cosmetic and pharmaceutical sectors, with new fragrances, packaging, machinery, accessories, logistics and services.

“FCE Cosmetique is a 360 market hub where you can learn the trends of each segment in the production process. There will be two days of content and market news for the professional update of the participants, “says the organization of the fair, which is international, brings participants and visitors from various parts of the world, especially from Latin America.

Highlighted for the accomplishment of COLAMIQC – Latin American and Iberian Congress of Cosmetic Chemicals, parallel to FCE Cosmetique.
Among the speakers is Ricardo Amorim, who will bring the theme “Prospects for the Brazilian Latin American and Portuguese Economy in 2019 and in the coming years”, raising the discussion about what companies can expect for this year and how technology impacts the Marketplace. Also noteworthy for Logitech Science, an event focused on the logistics chain that will bring together the main brands in the segment, and the R & D Academy, which will present the laboratory of the future, as the R & D professional relationship with technology is changing with the new solutions. In addition to the workshops and lectures
Arena Talk Science. where Beauty Streams, a trend analysis and analysis consulting firm, will talk about genetic mapping and the industry’s commitment to creating custom cosmetics.

It will be seen at the event:

The first sunscreen made especially for the III-VI skin types Fitzpatrick, more commonly Asian. According to researcher Alexandra Lan, director of the Shanghai Pechoin Daily Chemical Corp. and creator of sunscreen for Asian skin, research has shown that there are more free radicals produced on Asian skin by VIS and IV, which means that it is more harmful to this skin. skin type the use of a regular sunscreen. The researcher will participate in the event and will be available for interviews.

New shampoo and conditioner strengthening formulations according to vegan standards will be presented by Chempecs, a specialty chemicals distributor for the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and veterinary segments, along with a cuticle moisturizer to meet the demand for hand and nail products. All products are free of salt sulfate and without silicones in their formula, appeals highly sought after by consumers.

Laca PAC, a manufacturer of nail polish for third parties in Argentina, brings to the country novelties in color formulations of mirror effect enamels, neon effect enamels, argan enamels and enamels Gel UV Led, an effect with a high content of solids that leaves in the nails a layer with greater consistency and volume, similar to the finishing of the professional enamelling, with high covering power and totally harmless to the users.

Launched at In-Cosmetic Paris 2019, BASF‘s Rambutan Program reaches the Brazilian market in the B-Active campaign, which presents 12 assets selected according to the main needs of the Brazilian consumer in the cosmetic segment. Among them are Nephydrat ™, for skin hydration; Nephoria ™ for rejuvenation and Rambuvital ™, for extended scalp protection and freshness. They are all 100% natural, free of preservatives, authorized by COSMOS and extracted through a sustainable supply chain.

“Rambutan came to meet a global market trend, which is also reflected in the Brazilian market, the search for assets or raw materials of natural origin, which do not cause negative environmental and social impacts. And the best thing is that in addition to being part of a sustainable production, the assets guarantee cosmetics high performance, with excellent results, “explains Renata Oki, senior manager of the personal care segment of BASF for South America.

Solvay brings novelties for Personal Care product formulations, such as the launch of new applications with the use of Augeo® Clean Multi for body mist formulations and perfumes that require differentiated characteristics such as excellence in the dilution of fragrances, odor grater potentiation and fragrance fixation used by manufacturers in their products. It is a solvent of renewable source, with attributes that combine high solubility with correct volatility. In addition to being safe for people, animals and the environment, the product is a sustainable alternative for companies seeking new solutions for applications in the cosmetics and beauty market.

Solvay also features HGL (hexylene glycol) applications for the skin care and cosmetic segments. Some applications using Solvay’s HGL are formulations of miscelar water, body oil, moisturizing and makeup and hair care in formulations of products such as shampoos, dyes, conditioners and hair tonics. It features improved final product performance, improved stability, biodegradability, low odor, low VOC (low volatile organic compound) and low toxicity, the company says.

A Cosmotec combina ingredientes de alta performance com as principais tendências globais para oferecer soluções diferenciadas, que podem ser personalizadas conforme as necessidades de cada cliente, como: Spray de brilho holográfico e tridimensional para cabelo e corpo; Hidratante facial de textura mousse, acabamento mate e sensorial destacado, que oferece refrescância e relaxamento para a pele – e pode ser utilizado como máscara facial e, ainda, um realçador de sobrancelhas de efeito henna que modela, define e proporciona um delineado pigmentado de longa duração.

Tecnotests Products and Services, brings one of the main novelties of the sector, the Nail Strain Stress NM 100 – an instrument to measure the physical characteristics of the nails, such as firmness, elasticity and thickness.

Dinaco will take to the stand / spa the Dermoscan and Corneometer devices, the IPClin team to diagnose the levels of hydration, texture and uniformity of the skin. After this initial analysis, the visitor will be able to apply prototypes with the Dinaco specialty chemicals and retake the evaluation to demonstrate the effectiveness of the ingredients. From Lubrizol, Dinaco will bring two assets: Dawnergy ™ peptide and Stevisse ™ advanced botanical ingredient. Dawnerg ™ for more radiant, rejuvenated skin in the morning and Steviase ™, an organic stevia extract, offers a gentle, natural alternative to rejuvenation without the negative side effects of retinoids. Schulke will bring the award-winning Euxyl K 830, which received an award for innovation at SEPAWA in Berlin. The newest preservative blend is distinguished by the OCX-Efficacy Enhancing System, which is responsible for its high potency of fungicidal action. In addition, Schulke will also present its effisin® CG, a preservative-free multifunctional agent that promotes microbial control in cosmetic formulas combating bacteria, fungi and yeast.

At the Talk Science arena, parallel to the event, Beauty Streams, a trend analysis and analysis consulting firm, will talk about genetic mapping and the industry’s bet to create custom cosmetics.

BioCellTis Bioengineering is a biotech startup that adds biomaterials potential in the development of innovative cosmetic products. In this issue, the company shows CellFate®-RHE, an in vitro Rebuilt Human Skin for dermocosmetic safety and efficacy testing. In development, it is not yet marketed.

The FAV105 fragrances house will bring to the event several new features in with differentiated technology focused on wellness and fun. In response to a worldwide demand, the company brings fragrances that refer to the “gourmand” universe, with mouth-watering aromas such as: chocolate, caramel, marshmallow and even condensed milk.

Nanovetores Tecnologia S.A, a Brazilian company specialized in the development of nano and microencapsulated active ingredients, brings to this year’s fair the Active IN Pearls, natural actives encapsulated in the form of beads, composed of natural biopolymers. The product has anti-pollution and moisturizing action. It forms a protective film on the skin, preventing loss of water and protecting the face from contact with air pollution.

FCE Cosmetique is preparing a grid full of great players on the market in COLAMIQC – Latin American and Iberian Congress of Cosmetic Chemicals, as the confirmed presence of Dr. Patrice Bellon, great French perfumer who has worked in several companies of fragrances such as, Jean Paul Gaultier, Issey Miyaké, Serge Lutens Perfumes, Symrise, Shisheido and Carita. On July 21, the project manager in Chemicals and Materials and Personal Care Juliana Bondança, will present at the Talk Science Arena the talk: How the trends in consumption have impacted the Brazilian market of ingredients for Personal Care “