The market for functional actives in personal care was estimated by Factor-Kline at about USD 120 million (ex-factory) in Brazil in 2013, with estimated growth of 3-4% in the coming years. Throughout the study, were evaluated five categories of functional assets: botanical, biotechnological, marine, proteins & peptides and enzymes & coenzymes. And its features: anti-aging, anti-acne; anti-inflammatory, Hair Care, Skin Products Whitening, Sun Protection and Reducers.                  

In recent years the market has shown strong growth due to the improvement of formulas and the launch of new product concepts. The Proteins and Peptides category dominate the Brazilian market due to extensive use of hair care products that are mainly related to restructuring and color protection and cuticle of the hair.

Functional actives Market in Brazil 2013


                     Market Breakdown by Specialty Active, 2013

The need for more technological formulas, with multifunctional and low cost ingredients, is the focus of the ingredients companies in Brazil. The main objective is bringing to the end consumer the desired performance for an affordable price. These factors have created competitive advantages for national and international companies operating in the Brazilian market.

The main highlights within the personal care industry include the significative and continual ascension of multifunction products, such as BB and CC Cream, one of the big trends in 2013. BB Cream products are the new generation facial care products  that accumulate several functions in one single cosmetic product (moisturizer, prime, base and sunscreen) while CC Cream products are more potent versions. Besides the benefits of BB Cream, they also possess antioxidants, anti-aging assets and / or  bleaching of stains. Brands including Clinique, Avon, Natura, quem disse Berenice?, L’Oreal, Dermage and others bet on BB Cream that have won the preference of the Brazilian women.

                         Market Breakdown by Functionality, 2013

Also worthy to emphasis, the anti-aging segment has grown in Brazil as a functionality  with anti-aging solutions hair care, another big trend in 2013. As well as the skin, hair also need anti-aging care. Following this trend, many brands have incorporated this property in shampoos and hair masks, like Matrix, Kerastase, L’anza, Pantene, Amend, Truss and others that invested in actives such as ceramides, vitamins, proteins and botanical extracts to repair the damage and recover the elasticity of the threads, making them more resistant. Reminding that Brazil is the largest region in the hair care market, with 70% of the population with curly or wavy hair, besides being a dry, thin and brittle hair.

In addition, products with sun protection are growing in the market, and there is still room to grow because they are products of higher added value. Although the market presents significant growth potential due to the high incidence of skin cancer and government campaigns, it is not expected that the use of sunscreens increase in the coming years. The main restriction is still the high price of ingredients, difficult to access for Brazilians in general. Another important factor is that tanned skin is culturally valued in the country, which tends to restrict the use of UV filters.

There are numerous market trends, since we are talking about a complex and with many new market. On the consumer side, we have to search for products to treat hair and desire for multifunction products. The consumer tests, try before you buy. Have the side products, hair care remains the driving force of the market and include products that provide shine, hydration, color maintenance and reducing frizz. In the beauty industry, the trend of experimentation is great, so companies have to innovate to maintain audience interest.

Elaine Gerchon – Consultora especialista da Factor-Kline

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