Granado and Phebo stores – Prestige at Le Bom Marché

For three months it happened the commercial project Le Brésil Rive Gauche – with 120 Brazilian brands in various segments for the luxury department store Le Good Marché in Paris, from April this year – Granado Group sales were so good that it was the only company invited to have a unique space for the brand products Phebo and Granado.

An area of ​​40 square meters, carefully designed by a team of French designers who specially came to Brazil to research and try to reproduce the first store Granado, the oldest apothecary in Brazil, inaugurated in 1870 on March 1st Street, in downtown of Rio de Janeiro. About 160 items of brands  Granado and Phebo are marketed side by side items of international brands such as Giorgio Armani and Tom Ford.

“For us it is very gratifying to know that the French preople, exposed to the best cosmetic products in the world are worshiping our products and are becoming our customers . They are products of daily use, so the purchase is constant. We are entering the everyday basket of French cosmetic, “says Luiza Ferrez, public relations of Granado Group.

Soaps: Tropical  and Brazilian Fruits

She tells that among the items sold are Nutritious Wax Granado to the nails and cuticles, of Pink line. “It  is one of our best selling products here in Brazil and now in France. Another item that we are also selling very well is the kit with 6 vegetable glycerin soaps. They come wrapped in nets, like in the street fairs in Brazil, a very Brazilian thing and that has appealed to the French and Brazilians living in Paris. “The fragrances of soaps Mix  Brazilian fruits and Mix tropical fruits are also well accepted,  such as: coconut, mango, guava, pineapple, banana, acai, passion fruit, guarana.

The Carioca fragrance with citrus notes, bergamot and ginger, was launched by Granado directly in Paris. “We have developed a unique fragrance with the freshness of the sea, the opulence of the forest and chic touch, appropriate to the public of Le Bon Marché” explains Ferrez.
                                       Fragrance Carioca – a touch of chic

The Granado store in Bom Marché sells diffusers and moisturizers of  line Vintage and colognes among other items. The design of the store, the most exotic items of the  brands  Granado and Phebo, or even the presence of the brands in French store has attracted exports for the group. “We have made sales to Greece, Englanf and Japan. In Tokyo our products can be found in Isetan, in London, Frescobol Carioca, beachwear and accessories and in Athens, at Palmes  stores of  fine lingerie”, says the Granado  public relations.

The company’s focus, however, is not the overseas market. The company, which manufactures in Brazil 13 million items per month, has 400 products in its catalog, and approximately 1,200 employees in the group, wants to grow firstly in Brazil: “We have much to grow here in Brazil, where we have 30 stores and our e-commerce. We are structuring the company to serve these customers outside the country, but Brazil is still the focus of the company, “says Luiza Ferrez.

The domestic sales rose 18.5% in 2013 to R $ 284 million (US$ 124,63). “This year we expect a 20% increase in sales,” she says.