According to WGSN, the British trend forecasting company, in 2022, hair colors will become even more important as a way of self-expression. Treatments that can be done at home will continue to grow as consumers spend less time in beauty salons.

Consumers will still be recovering from the consequences of the forced quarantine and adjusting to the new post-pandemic reality. After the period of instability, consumers will be more cautious and focused on well-being, and there will be greater demand for beauty products that bring comfort, safety and joy.

With the quarantine forcing salons around the world to close temporarily, consumers have been betting on treatments that can be done without the help of a professional (DIY – Do It Yourself) or are accepting the natural look. This shift in mentality, according to WGSN research, will continue into 2022, a period when low-maintenance techniques and colors will be essential, as people will be more reluctant to spend money on expensive treatments in times of economic uncertainty. This, along with the fact that people are spending more time at home, products that offer spa-like results will grow, with sensory formulas and leave-ins becoming more important.

Energetic tones that promote a sense of optimism will be relevant for young consumers, since the usual forms of self-expression through makeup have been compromised by the need to use facial masks. Moving away from animal products will accelerate the use of natural and vegan dyes. Google Trends data shows that searches for vegan and natural dyes (e.g., “natural coloring for blondes” and “natural ways to dye hair) have increased by between 40% and 150% in the last three months, compared to the numbers In 2022, innovations in this category will mean that consumers will not need to sacrifice sustainability for performance.

According to WGSN, the colors and proposals of its palette allow for six ways of using hair, including texture and application.


Combination of the powerful Orchid Flower with electric orange tones

In the main color Orchid Flower, pink tone dominates as an essential color for 2022. The appropriate combination would be with the vibrant Magma Orange with the depth of Electric Magenta.
Texture / finishing: inspiration comes from the sensory aspect of modeling clay (slime). Suggested formulations are thicker that are almost liquid and with the possibility of color changes when exposed to cold or sun.
Application: roses are essential for men and women. Ombré applications are suitable for changing color as the hair is washed, reducing the need to dye very often. The result will be prolonged with hybrid masks that dye your hair.


Transformation of blonde into low maintenance color with the use of milky tones

Inspired by the tones of almonds milk, cashews, soybeans and oats, blondes will need less maintenance and will look smoother and purer. The main color will be Butter, which gives dimension to the Unbleached tone.
Texture / finishing: the product must be thick, heavy and luxurious, with a glossy and smooth finish.
Application: Consider this appearance for leave-in, scalp masks, conditioners and styling gel.


The virtual for the real world with experimental shades of purples and greens

The understated Lilac Chalk tone and the youthful Lavender Silk look futuristic and experimental when combined with Seaweed Green. This young and expressive proposal is more about texture than color.
Texture / finishing: products that range from cream to oil and that have a sustainable pearly shine are a way to bring sparkles of digital inspiration to real life.

Application: unisex and fun, experimenting with different shades will be encouraged by the creation of hair dye sprays or paint kits that come with easy to wash brushes.


Elementary crystals

With the qualities of healing by crystals and minerals being increasingly seen in beauty formulas, Pink Clay and Pink Amethyst inspire colors and textures.
Texture / finishing: mineral texture and natural fragrances from Earth so that consumers feel close to nature when applying the products.
Application: As a suggestion, the creation of kits to be used at home, where consumers can combine the desired amount of mineral pigment with other ingredients according to their objective, which may be a mask for the scalp,

Dry shampoo or cream for natural dyeing.

Fermented ingredients are starting to grow in skincare and by 2022 their medicinal properties will make them essential for hair care. Its vibrant and moisturizing colors inspire these unexpected, natural tones.
Texture / finishing: pigmented matte colors for greater impact. Formulas that use fermented foods and that will benefit the hair and scalp.
Application: this trend celebrates natural hair. Shampoos, conditioners, hair masks and mattifying serums in these soothing tones will be on the rise.

Por Annie Johnstone