Need or novelty that adds value to anti-frizz products and glow givers, the Hair Scrubs looks like they’ve now come to stay.

Launched about 6 years ago without much fanfare, little by little it has been conquering the market. In fact, the hair spray products always had some fragrance, most notably the styling fixative sprays, but without the permanence of the scent.

The more than needed products anti-frizz products arrived – many in cream, mousse, in various textures, even sprays … and the story repeated itself: little effective in terms of fragrance, they were products of salon professionals. A release here, another abroad, a relaunch here and gradually they open up space as a category.

Especially among the female audience, who smokes or receive smoke in their clean hair when going out. Even with the prohibition of cigarettes in enclosed places, there is always how the smell of the cigarette to penetrate the hair.

“The Brazilian has something with the hair: they simply love it – anyhow.  But most have, or have had long hair and know that it is hard to wash, tidy up at the hairdresser or at home with some style – and products –  after a night out,  come back with the hair smelling of ashtray! ” says Helana Dias , hairdresser for more than 20 years in a salon of Itaim, a middle class neighborhood of São Paulo.

“Perfume for hair has been around for some time. Hair Mist, Acquaflora hair perfume, has been on the market since 2013, “says Carolina Wadt, marketing manager at Acquaflora. “It neutralizes odors, through a raw material that acts as a” sequester “. Clean, brushed and tidy hair comes in contact with unpleasant odors, such as smoke or cigarettes. For these situations, the product performs an odor blockage, without needing washing, “says Carolina.

Hair Mist, neutralizes odors such as cigarettes or fried foods. The hair gets clean and fragrant for longer, also shiny, thanks to the unique conditioning agents present in the formulation, free of static and without accumulation of residues in the threads. It is available in two fragrances – No. 1 fresh fruit and No. 2 fresh woody Fougère. (R $ 34.19 each)

Hair Mist – Acquaflora

The Eudora Hair Mist offers a sensory experience of softness, as well as reduce frizz, increase hair shine. The fragrance is intended for an enigmatic and irresistible woman, whose personality attracts by the subtle and sophisticated expression (30ml, $ 64.99)


Eudora  Hair Mist

C.Kamura Love My Hair by Celso Kamura has an innovative formula developed to perfume the threads and help mask unpleasant odors that hair absorbs throughout the day or night. Its formula is enriched with D-Panthenol and conditioning agents, which leave the hair free of static and without residual accumulation in the threads. The fragrance is from the fragrant fruity floral olfactory family. Provides a pleasant sensation of clean, fragrant hair for longer. (R $ 26.91)

Celso Kamura
Celso Kamura I Love My Hair

Natura launched in 2013 its Natura Plant Inspira, a fragrant finisher that provides floral fragrance to the hair, while it treats. The product arrives in the market in new packaging, more practical, portable and easy to carry in the bag and with even more benefits, such as intense brightness, antifrizz effect for up to 24 hours, and neutralize and eliminate odors and udesirable scents. Notes of red fruits, gardenia, the threads immediately. (30 ml, R$ 44.40)

“Our strategy when launching the product was to unite Natura’s expertise in perfumes, to the extra care that the woman needs every day to treat her hair. Natura saw there an opportunity to innovate and to bring added value to the category “, says Bruna Coletti, Marketing Coordinator of Natura Plant.

NaturaA relaunch : Natura Plant Inspira

Among the international ones, Chanel also has several perfumes for the hair Chanel Eau Tendre – Parfum Cheveux Hair Mist, Coco Mademoissele – Parfum Pour Les Cheveux Fresh Hair Mist, Allure – Parfum Tendre Pour Les Cheveux Tend Hair Mist, Chance – Eau Fraîche Parfum Chevuex the iconic No. 5 – Parfum Pour Les Cheveux Hair Mist. They are not sold in Brazil, but by the brand offers, hair perfumes are a must have.

Dior offers Hair Perfume J’adore Hair Mist has subtle scent, is enriched with Ylang-Ylang essential oil, gives shine to hair, reveals luminosity and preserves its natural freshness. (40ml, at The Beauty Box costs R $ 219.90). From Thierry Mugler, Angel Parfum in Brue Pour Les Cheveaux, Giorgio Armani has a product  for men: Acqua Di Gioia Brume Chevezux Hair Mist. There’s even Tigi After Party, Brume Oceanique Brillance Redken Spray and so on.

The important thing is that this wave is coming stronger now here. And it is an interesting niche, since Brazilians love hair and perfumes …