The fifth edition of in-cosmetics Latin America, due to take place on September 19 and 20 at Expo Center Norte in São Paulo, presents the permanent challenge of presenting new concepts, adapted to the specific needs for the Latin American reality. It is a free event for formulators, chemical professionals and R & D of the cosmetic manufacturers.

In 2017 the fair had an increase of 20% in its exhibition area and 12% in number of visitors compared to the previous year. It has received the largest audience of all editions, with a total of 4,689 visitors from 38 countries, with more than 150 international exhibitors from the industry, including Brazil, the United States, China, France, the United Kingdom, Germany and South Korea.

The Latin American edition brings together international exhibitors of raw materials, fragrances, laboratory equipment, testing and regulatory solutions and cosmetic manufacturers from all over Latin America. It brings innovation in raw materials and technologies, promotes educational content and insights for formulators, R & D professionals and the marketing area of personal hygiene, perfumery and cosmetics companies. Its rich programming also includes tests questions and regulatory issues.

This fifth edition in Brazil bets on live marketing experiences and actions where chemists, formulators and R & D professionals can not only have direct contact with innovative raw materials, but also target businesses in the direction of the main global trends, since all market research agencies and analysts point to global trends for the Personal Hygiene, Perfumery and Cosmetics (HPPC) industry, ranging from the analysis of consumer behavior to the application of new technologies.

The great demand for innovation in the industry leads the industries to invest in research and presenting cosmetic ingredients in line with these trends. Mintel agency, a partner in the fair, has already put forward major global beauty and personal care movements for 2018, ranging from biotechnology to new definitions of beauty created by consumers themselves and not limited to issues such as age, gender and body type .

One of the highlights of the 2018 program is Spotlight On, a new attraction that brings functional and active ingredients in the haircare, anti-aging and formulation categories, with prototypes that indicate options that can be applied in the market and that will be available for visitors to test their effects and benefits in finished products.

The fair also brings demonstrative, interactive actions and intense programming of educational content, as well as providing direct contact with supplier companies, such as Beraca, Chemyunion, Croda, Symrise, Clariant, Kobo, Gattefossé, Cargill, Givaudan, quantiQ and Sensient, among more than a hundred companies that will present ingredients and actives that meet the needs of visiting professionals, professionals in the chemical and R & D area of national and multinational companies, such as: Natura, Avon, P & G, O Boticário, Unilever, Belcorp, among others.

“As in-cosmetics Latin America is a business show, these actions are valuable to exhibitors because they represent a direct contact with a qualified audience that is converted into networking and real evaluation of the products and their benefits. The visitor also wins, with the first-hand tests and for seeing practical and inspiring results for their upcoming creations, “says Daniel Zanetti, Director of in-cosmetics Latin America.

According to him, this is not a Brazilian event focused on Latin America, but a Latin American fair that takes place in Brazil. Thus, the host country is the point of connection between the region and the cosmetic market. This happen because the Brazil-cosmetics relationship is pulsating. According to a study recently published by Abihpec – Brazilian Association of Personal Hygiene, Perfumery and Cosmetics Industry, Brazil has today 2,178 companies in the sector regularized in Anvisa and exported to 178 countries in 2017, mainly for: Argentina, Colombia, Mexico , Chile and Paraguay.

“Brazil is immense and with important cosmetic poles beyond the Rio-São Paulo axis. We want to welcome manufacturers from the South, the Northeast, from other regions and, of course, from neighboring countries as well. We have opened up early registration so visitors from all over the world can get organized, “says Daniel Zanetti.

Other attractions that will be available to the professional public, in addition to Spotlight On, are:

Innovation Zone: Area that brings together the main raw materials launched in recent months. It also features live presentations from Mintel, one of the largest market intelligence agencies, with the most important end products launched around the world, allowing the visitor to know in advance which trends will reach Brazil.

Fragrance Trail: A trail that guides the visitor through new scents and components that can make all the difference in their end products, saving his time at the fair.

Marketing Trends: Access to the latest market data, trends and content for innovation with panels organized by agencies such as Mintel, Euromonitor and Kline.

Technical Seminars: Area where exhibitors and suppliers give informative lectures to formulators and Research and Development professionals.

ITEHPEC Technical Workshop: Series of lectures and debates bringing together world-renowned experts focused on the scientific and legislative challenges for the sector.

The role of in-cosmetics Latin America is to connect the region with what is most important in the world for the HPPC industry, contextualizing and transforming global information into local insights. “The fair is growing in size and concept every year, and is recognized by visitors and exhibitors for the focus, content and generation of profitable businesses,” explains Daniel Zanetti, director of the event.

Latin America, according to Euromonitor Internacional‘s survey, points out that Brazil, Mexico, Chile and Colombia are the most dynamic and robust markets in the region, with significant volume and potential for expressive growth. “Brazil, even by its importance in exports, is the meeting point”, concludes Zanetti, who suggests the early accreditation for the fair, since this year several advantages were provided, such as:

The fair has the seal of the main institutions that deal with the HPPC market in the region, such as ABIHPEC and ITHEPEC (Brazil), APQC (Peru),  ANDI and CASIC (Latin America). Agencies like Euromonitor International, Mintel, Factor Kline and Beautystreams also support.

Entries are already open and can be made through the website