Organized by Reed Exhibitions, with 38 offices worldwide, this year’s in-cosmetics Latin America, which took place on 18th and 19th, at Expo Center Norte, brought even more news to the Latin American market. In terms of space it were 28% more compared to last year, with 26 more companies that had not yet participated of in-cosmetics Latin America. Among the new companies, many were from Asia, such as KCI, from Korea, and others from the region, bringing the concept of K-Beauty so that Latin American companies, especially Brazilian companies can be inspired. In all, 48 international companies participated.

This year the most disputed novelties of the fair was the thematic tours guided by a technical consultant, such as the Innovation Tour and the Green Trail, on routes through the stands where were technological innovations and innovations in natural and sustainable products.

“We also created a route this year for indie brands, which are independent and creative brands that use unconventional management processes and methods. We have a catalog capable of serving these companies, which may not always be able to buy large volumes. The route and catalog provided indie companies with targeted visits to serve them more profitably, with suppliers who can supply them with smaller volumes, ”says Daniel Zanetti, director of in-cosmetics Latin America. “Similarly, Green Trail, a route with companies that exhibit raw materials from sustainable sources that can add claim eco friendly to industry products.”

For the director of the fair, a market needs to drink from different sources, due to current market competition: “That’s why in-cosmetics brings a lot of news and technical content, as people need development so they can be inspired.”

The Innovation Tour, guided by Cléber Barros, official technical consultant of the fair, took groups of 20 people to visit the booths of companies that are bringing innovations that were considered innovative by the consultant. There were 2 visits each day, with headphones so that this audience could focus on explanations.



The event annually hosts three of the largest ingredient manufacturer awards: Innovation Zone Best Ingredient Award, Spotlight On Award and ABIHPEC-ITEHPEC Innovation Award.

Deliveries took place at the close of the first day of the event in Sao Paulo and began with the Innovation Zone Best Ingredient Award, which made a selection of
ingredients exposed in this area.

Solabia Biotecnology was the big winner of the night with PRELLIANCE® active, a multifunctional active provides anti-dandruff prebiotic action, with immediate effect radiance increase and anti-pollution protection, as well as nutrition and hydration.

Silver went to Gattefossé with the ingredient Emulium® Illustro, a water-in-oil emulsifier highly compatible with pigments and UV filters, but also with a wide range of cosmetic ingredients, characterized by naturalness, performance and flexibility and bronze for Symrise, with SymRebootTM L19, the first probiotic ingredient processed.

Following it was the award ceremony Spotlight On Award, which brings together the ingredients targeted to meet the biggest trends. Gold went to Colormix Specialties, with SunCare Apalight SPF 30, an Apalight-based sunscreen, a calcium hydroxyapatite, a nutritive element present in body and food, as organic and non-organic compositions.

Silver went to LipoTrue S.L., with the N. benthamiana-based AnargyTM plant-based model system that contains proteins that can nourish, protect and detoxify the hair root, helping to reactivate the hair growth cycle. It naturally amplifies, extends, raises and bends the eyelashes.

Bronze IFF – Lucas Meyer Cosmetics, with SKINecturaTM, an innovative natural and organic active ingredient with unique properties. Increases production of Tenascin-X, a newly identified architectural protein.

The evening ended with the delivery of the ABIHPEC-ITEHPEC Innovation Award, organized by the Brazilian Association of the Personal Hygiene, Perfumery and Cosmetics Industry. The winners were announced by the institution’s chief executive, João Carlos Basilio, who celebrated the adhesion. “The initiative received 64% more registrations compared to 2018. The technical quality of cases also deserves highlight, reflecting the commitment of companies to show innovative and differentiated initiatives to the market,” he says.

In the bronze category, the winner was Hallstar, and the silver went to Chemyunion, with its assets MICAH® and THERMOSHIELD PREMIUM, respectively. The big winner of the night was Bloomage Biotech, with the active microHA, a super active HA produced by a patented enzyme degradation technology with excellent biological activity. It can rapidly penetrate the epidermis and dermis to eliminate free radicals, reduce inflammation factor activity, repair damaged cells, and protect the skin against inflammation and sensitivity caused by various stimuli. Suitable for products for skin care and scalp, among others.

The director of in-cosmetics Latin America, Daniel Zanetti, emphasized that the award gives notoriety and visibility to the HPPC segment in Brazil and worldwide. “In addition, it is an important time for efforts to recognize asset solutions and formulations that meet the most diverse market needs.”


Mintel – brands and Trends

Mintel has made a presentation of natural and sustainable ingredients from Latin American companies and brought to the lecture and the public some innovative brands and products, such as the Argentinean brand Somos Linda, with its toothpaste made with organic ingredients based on mint and Bergamot.

Juliana Martins, Senior Consumer & Market Insights / Beauty & Personal Care Specialist at Mintel presented the Brazilian brand of Simple Organic, also of vegan and sustainable ingredients, such as the Balm for Eye Area in Stick Shape.

“Holistic well-being products with some kind of mental functionality for consumers are a worldwide trend. From Asia comes a product that is a hair growth tea that can also be applied to the hair. The Mintel expert also recalled that functional fragrances ((anti-pollution, anti-stress, general well-being) to improve stress are a global trend.


K-Beauty -This year the fair brings over 25 exhibitors from countries such as China, Japan, India and Singapore, a trend in the Brazilian and Latin American markets.
Beauty Mood, a trend that caters to modern lifestyles that are stressing consumers, highlighting the need for new approaches such as functional products.

Indie brands , market slice which was born of the willingness of entrepreneurs to fill industry gaps, dare with products and a new way of running businesses. Growth is two to three digits in recent years and brands have become sought after by merchants and retailers for meeting very specific consumer profiles.

Sustainable Beauty / Do It Yourself with powder shampoo, carry-on face mask, stick protector, portable compact conditioner and organic lipstick. Solutions that use less and less plastic, either in formula or packaging, and that empower consumers with the do-it-yourself concept anywhere.


Image: Evonik

Empresas fornecedoras e seus lançamentos

QuantiQ brought both lipo and  hydrosoluble pigments and dyes, a novelty in the quantiQ portfolio, in varieties such as lacquers and micas by CCI, a new represented by quantiQ. “We brought fun applications with Slim Soaps  by Oxiteno and Bar Soaps, we´ve  brought Ingreedient’s modified starch liquid talc, whose formulation is eco friendly, eco-friendly because it’s for baby and baby care, so the formulation is made of organic compounds, ”says Carolina Ishizuka Ferreira, marketing, communications and events analyst. The company also presented innovation in pigment, with application in a styling spray that shines in the dark (black light) and even styling hair; activated charcoal-filled stuffed exfoliating spheres with application in a detoxifying effect  mask remineralizing , that removes impurities and, for the hair a Mexican Guacamole-inspired application, an exfoliating hair mask with avocado oil applied inside the spheres, by Ceribelli.

Kosmoscience Group, one of the world leaders in scientific proof of precision for skin and hair studies, introduced the new equipment, Symphony of Hair, which captures the sounds emitted by the hair fiber and builds a melody from the physical state of the hair, differentiating through of the treated and untreated strands of musical tones. It also presented the Skin Water Mapping, a tool capable of measuring the degree of hydration and water loss of the skin.

Beraca has brought a multifunctional technological ingredient that combines nature care, the search for natural ingredients and the concern to minimize the signs of aging, with Acai Pro-Aging Sustainable Extract, used as age-defying and anti-pollution, that besides meet the demand for natural products, it still moves communities in Pará with job and income generation. The company points out that efficacy tests have proven that the active is an important ally in reducing signs of aging due to its nutritious composition and high concentration of antioxidants such as Anthocyanins. It has anti-glycation, anti-pollution action, improves skin luster and shine, and protects it from external aggressions.
“Pro-aging brings a more positive approach to aging and promoting being satisfied with your experiences and appearances. In this worldwide concept in which Beraca fits, the goal is to use products that establish balance, a holistic look at aging, ”says Mariana Cirillo, marketing manager of Beraca.

Rhodia, a company of the Solvay Group, has brought the application line of Augeo® Clean Multi, a renewable source solvent, with attributes that combine high solubility with correct volatility, for body mist and perfume formulations. Safe for people, animals and the environment. “Its main differential is the guarantee of raw material traceability and comes as a solvent solution for the Vegan products market, where there are great growth opportunities in the coming years,” says Larissa Martinelli, Senior Market Manager.

Ginger Fragrances, a 100% Brazilian company, presented special fragrances for different segments. The highlights are shampoo, moisturizer, fine fragrance lines, in addition to the exclusive Ginger Concept creations with fragrances for fine perfumery, and Concept Ambiente, with a focus on flavoring. For Ginger Men Concept, for example, the olfactory route is cologne, citric, aromatic, aqueous and musk. At the top, stand out the Sicilian lemon, Litsea Cubeba and Mandarina. On the body, Basil, Eucalyptus, Lavandin and Petitgrain. In the Bottom notes, Amber and Musk dominate.

BASF, present at Embacaps and Univar Solutions booths with the B-Active campaign launched this year, brought B-Active, which brings together various solutions in active ingredients in skin and hair care, taking into account the claims most sought after by consumers, the most innovative mechanisms of action, the most cost-effective and the products with the greatest storytelling potential. Example: Bix’Activ®, a triple natural annatto seed extract that is effective in the treatment of oily skin that diminishes excessive shine, pore size and acne skin imperfections. It acts by minimizing hyperkeritinization and virulence of P.acnes microorganism in the cutaneous microflora, maintaining hydration. Also, Nephoria ™, an extract of the leaves of Rambutan concentrated in corilagin, the youth molecule. Nephoria ™ is a pro-aging active that visibly reduces signal appearance, stimulates collagen and elastin synthesis, and aids in the correct structuring of fibers for firmer, denser skin.

Evonik brought to the event suggestive formulations, such as Curly You, for a variety of curls, and the Conditioning Miracle Hair Ampoule mask, a treatment ampoule conditioner with the performance of a treatment ampoule, formulated with plant-based ingredients such as VARISOFT® EQ 100 and dermofeel® sensolv MB for hydrated and moving curls. From Dr. Straetmans, Evonik has introduced two antioxidants to improve oxidative protection: dermofeel® TocoBalance, which contains a blend of natural tocopherols derived from jute seed oil to protect both skin and oxidative components of cosmetic formulations; and dermofeel® TocoSkin, which, obtained from natural sunflower oil, is particularly rich in alpha-tocopherols, which provide effective skin protection against oxidative stress. Both antioxidants are suitable for application in natural cosmetics.

Galena brought to the fair a line of vegan ingredients and skin care with probiotics and magnesium. Cobiogum (Cobiosa), a natural gelling agent that allows the creation of gels with high stability in the presence of acids, certified by Ecocert and Cosmos. With a filmogenic action, it increases skin hydration without leaving a sticky sensation. It has also took the Probiocare Line to care for the cutaneous microbiota containing probiotics, prebiotics and postbiotics. Probio Mask (Agrimer) is a natural powder mask that contains freeze-dried living microorganisms, helping to balance, protect and repair the skin, increasing hydration, reducing inflammation and stimulating collagen synthesis.

Ajinomtoto presented Aminoshampoo as a mild surfactant, but with the profile of an active ingredient, especially adapted to the Brazilian public. “We brought in new technical performance data from the Amisoft® and Amilite® lines, made up of plant-based and sulfate-free ingredients,” says Tatiana Gargalaka, AminoScience marketing manager.

Cosmotec has brought global trends-inspired formulas to in-cosmetics Latin America and combine amazing textures, colors and applications for Hair Care, Make-up, Skin Care and Sun Care as the Biphasic Spray Hair Finisher that protects hair color dyed, is conditioning and aligning the threads with light sensory and yet forms a protective film against mechanical damage. Instant Facial Lifting Serum, especially suitable for the area around the eyes, provides immediate tensor effect, smooth lines and wrinkles, with light sensory and soft focus effect.

Merck brought to in-cosmetics its Special Effec Pigments line for cosmetics and personal care, with a wide range of pigments: from black (from light matte to glossy black), to gold pigments, to add greatness to formulations, touching the rainbow with the soft silky glow of these brilliant colors of interference. An optical effect caused by light interference or colored metallic luster pigments. In addition to sunscreen filters, Functional Fillers, insect repellents and intelligent effect pigments …
All this and more was seen at in-cosmetics, an information-rich event that turned into a party for the eyes and to the market.