The makeup segment captures a world within the segment and of the beauty industry itself. After all there are endless colors and textures and various packaging, supplied by the Chemical Suppliers industry, packaging, brushes, accessories … not to mention distributors, retailers, makeup artists, etc.

MakeUp In ends its presentations around the world – Asia, Los Angeles, Paris and New York – and arrives in São Paulo next week on days 7 and 8 in Sao Paulo, bringing what is most current in makeup of the most actuating international and national companies. It will be two days of contemplation and business, but also trends, animations with makeup events, as an area of relaxation, foot reflexology and massage offered by the Granado Group to discover the line Méditerranée da Phebo that stimulates the senses inspired by a trip through the Mediterranean .

In the Abihpec Beauty Award this year, João Carlos Basilio, executive president of the sector´s Association, highlighted the importance of this award to support initiatives and thanked participating companies that, despite the unprecedented context in the country, try to deal with the crisis, being more creative of the than ever in terms of innovation, technology, communication and sustainability. Avon Company for its new Ultramat lipstick, which is ultralight, includes a frosted emollient to give the matte effect and still offer a velvety texture; L’Oréal Brasil Group for the FIT ME line, the first line of facial makeup (base, powder, blush, corrective) adapted to different skin types, developed in Brazil, to offer a perfect color and a non-oily texture, a matte effect Natural and, O Boticario for its line Make B, Urban Ballet, with 20 products inspired by fluid fabrics, tulle, ribbons, to revisit the art of Ballet.

According to data from August 2016 of Abihpec, Brazil ranks fifth in the world in the category of makeup. It represents 7.1% of world consumption in the world ranking, or US $ 30.249 million according to Euromonitor. The segment is not yet fully developed in the country, thus offering investment possibility. In 2015 there were 127,856 microentrepreneurs in the area of Esthetics and other beauty care services, for example, and 720 small businesses (EPPs).

This year Alkos Group, one of the main players in the cosmetics industry in France and a manufacturer of own brands, decided to affirm its presence in the American continent, especially in Latin America with a strong focus on Brazil. For this reason it will participate in MakeUp In São Paulo. The Group will present its latest products and innovations at booth 08, presenting several formulas adapted to the Brazilian market and their specific needs.

To accompany this expanding beauty industry, the Group has decided to join Fragrance Expertise, which will be its official representative in Brazil. Philippe Pavageau, current president of the Alkos Group, will be personally visiting MakeUp In to check out the possibilities of this market.

Also participating are Chromavis, an outsourcing company for makeup, nail polish and skin care products; Geka, famous for its applicator brushes and also for its complete packaging systems, Inovao Cosmeticos, a Brazilian company producing enamels; In addition to Luisa Oliva, Schwan Cosmetics, Adhespack, Arcade, Cosmogen, Incom, Intercos, Polychromatic-Keystone, Texen, Albea, Beautystreams, Faber-Castell Cosmetics, Information & Inspiration, Jal Packaging Design Int’l, Qualipack – Groupe Pochet and Weckerle Cosmetics.

“This year we will be visiting MakeUp In in São Paulo because we know how much the makeup market has grown in recent years. Even in the midst of the crisis, we are experiencing an increase in the demand of our customers for textures agents that adapt to all climates and skins. Gattefossé was a pioneer in creating ingredients that have been tested in different climatic environments, and we have functional options in compaction agents, emollients and liposoluble makeup actives that may well meet the demands of that market, “said Amanda Pimentel, Business Manager To South and Central America.

“As our company specializes in packaging and accessories for make-up products, MakeUP-In is a great place to look for innovation and trends, and of course to find business partners,” said Ricardo Petruciani, Primera CEO, packaging company for make up.

Single Twins Eyebrows- Alkos – Booth 8
Double-ended pencil for perfect eyebrows with one end that defines and draws the bows perfectly, while the other end fills, sets and highlights eyebrows that will stay in place all day.
Ph-Antastic Lipdtick Weckerle – booth 17 – brings a transparent lipstick decorated as an engraving. In crystalline texture moisturizes the lips, providing shine and softness. Dye your lips with personalized rose tones.




Self Sampling – Adhespack – Booth 14 A smart, efficient, health-safe concept for individual samples of perfumes and make-up products. Thanks to a fully automated system with a simple pressure, the product sample is released in a unique, precise and elegant way.



Brush 28964_Soft Secret– Geka – Booth 16 – a brush with patented technology, with a harder and more coloured brush core, lashes are precisely lifted and perfectly separated, while the transparent and extremely soft bristles reach the tinier lashes.



One Touch- Qualipack – Booth 19
One Touch is a standard innovative and patented mechanism offering a easy single-handed on-off opening (simply press and release). Airtight guaranteed. It also offers as much flexibility as possible for adopting all the design forms for fluid make-up products (gloss, mascaras, eyeliners, correctors, nail polishes, etc.) It can be custom designed with multiple materials, finishings, shapes and decorations.



Contouring – Cosmogen – Booth 7
A range of six brushes for well defined applications on the face and body with appropriate formulas (contouring or high resolution products).