According to a report by Marketsandmarkets, the premium market research agency, the cosmetics packaging market is estimated to grow at an average annual rate of 5.4% from 2013 to 2018 and the market for cosmetic packaging machines is expected to reach US $ 2.5 billion by 2018. With huge market potential and growing consumer preference, the market is likely to witness substantial growth in the coming years. The vast majority of industry participants prefer strategies ranging from participation in trade shows to new product launches and partnerships with regional players to raise market share.

The packaging in makeup products has a very important participation to the sale maximization of the product at the selling points – from functionality and flawless performance to the visual attractives. In fact, it plays an essential role in the presentation of products. It is the tangible component, which interferes with the perception of the product, suggests value and therefore deserves attention of the companies regarding its quality and modernity of the design.

Therefore, this is a dynamic market that, if on the one hand, presents a greater degree of sophistication and technology each day, it also seeks simplification, with new technologies and sustainability.

For Mirele Agustinho Martinez – manager of O Boticário‘s Makeup Category, packaging is essential in make-up products: “Especially in the premium segment, the market requires that we get out off of the purely functional resources to add elements that aggregates style, and awaken enchantment and desire in the consumer. “In addition, she emphasizes, packaging plays a key role to give personality to the product.” Grupo Boticário’s main premium makeup brand, Make B., has partnered with Swaroviski to ensure packaging sophistication.

O Boticario – premium line Make B. with Swarovski

In the makeup category, each Group brand has its own characteristics designed to meet the needs of increasingly demanding consumers. “Make B. products delivers technology, trend and sophistication to connected women who are always on the lookout for the latest beauty novelties. In the case of the Intense, another brand of O Boticario, we favor the most practical and uncomplicated side, for women looking for sweeping looks, but without wasting much time with this, “says Mirele.

Make Up In São Paulo, a gathering of important players in the makeup market held for the third time in Brazil in early December, brought national and international manufacturers of weight, makeup novelties, enamels, packaging producers, outsourcers and specialized professionals to Further increase this market in Brazil.


Geka – specialization on brushes 


The Geka Group (since July last year a Sulzer Group company), a leader in high precision plastic injection molding and one of the leading manufacturers of applicators devices for the cosmetics industry has 3 strong business divisions: Geka Beauty, one of the leaders in the manufacture of brushes, applicators and complete packaging systems for the cosmetics industry; Geka Accessories, as the name says, from cosmetic accessories and beard brushes and Geka Healthcare, which offers innovative medical technology components and application systems. The company has opened a factory in Brazil and plans investments for the exclusive production of brushes. It supplies products to major industry segments in the country.

Beauty Streams, the global trends agency for the beauty and packaging industries, with creative headquarters in Paris, offers insights to feed brand strategies, marketing initiatives and product development decisions, among other services. According to the agency, one of the global trends to emerge from the crisis is to know how to export.
Chromavis – nail polishes, applicators, makeup

Chromavis (since 2013 part of the Fareva Group) is one of the world’s largest b2b operators in the makeup industry. Offers a full range of solutions in nail polishes, makeup and skin care. It is currently a company that can offer its customers a complete range of makeup and enamel solutions to skin care products.

Inovao – maquiagem, esmaltes – terceirização

Inovao, Brazilian industry, with more than 25 years of experience in the manufacture and formulation of nail polish. It outsources enamels for various companies, incorporating new technologies and market trends,


Cosmogen – applicator accessories

Cosmogen, French brand of cosmetic applicators, with a global turnover of 21 million euros, has been present in Brazil since 2010. The Brazilian operation is responsible for about 20% of its revenues. It offers tools like brushes and luxury packaging for face care and makeup. He brought a patented silicone applicator kit to MakeUp-In. Silicone is the promise of a complete experience for makeup and skin care with many benefits, with double action in the application and massage functions.

Focus Química represented the American Policromatic gel enamel company. Focus provides suspension, pigment, base and top coat bases. Among the novelties brought to the country is the Gel Look, it seems, but it is not gel enamel, because it provides volume and gloss.


Adhespack – Digital Sampling

Adhespack, a developer of interactive marketing tools such as product sampling adhesives, especially make-up and fragrances, took to the show a marketing add-on for the make-up segment: its MakeUp Sticker® a printed promotional material, supplied in reels, for small and large runs, whose main feature is flexibility of use: can be applied automatically in cards, catalogs, inserts and magazine advertisements in various formats and colors. The company also offers Digital Sampling®, which allows to access the product and all digital content such as videos tutorials, catalogs, physical stores and e-commerce through the sample itself. “We develop our products through analysis of global market trends and market demands.

BASF has introduced effect pigments for packaging to add differential in selling points, available for the most diverse types of applications, among them: Glacier (white whiter effect), Firemist (matte effect with brightness in the directed light and possibility of effect color-swipe), and Magnapearl ( pearls lines traditional and economical) and Metasheen (silver effect or colored mirror).

Packaging Accessories

Accessories become more and more an integral part of makeup cases and kits. “You need tools and accessories to ensure a perfect application, such as eyelash curlers, brushes, etc., which are usually very difficult to load day to day. Big brands are looking to incorporate all these tools into the packaging to make such devices portable, “says Ricardo Petruccioni, CEO of Primera Beauty Design & Packaging.




quem disse Berenice? performance and functionality

“The makeup market requires functionality, which in many cases is directly related to product performance. In addition, the category is closely related to fashion and style, which demands the constant evolution of design, to connect and translate actuality and modernity, “says the manager of the Makeup Category of O Boticario.


Primera – Affordable Custumization

But some makeup packaging designs in some ways are not viable for most producers. “Only the big players have the conditions to invest in exclusive developments, as well as adequate demand to guarantee necessary lots in the packaging industries. Small and medium players only get high-tech items through importers and distributors who can offer products in smaller batches. As is the case of Primera, ” guarantees Petruccioni.
Investments and demand

One of the leading French manufacturers and European cosmetics industry, Alkos’ own brand outsourcer follows new global strategy and intensifies its activities in the Americas, focusing on Brazil.

AkosAlkos – Quality and adaptability in the formulas

Founded in 2008, the ALKOS Group is composed of three companies: ALKOS Cosmétiques, manufacturer of pencils and plastic packaging; INTER Cosmétiques, a manufacturer of skin care products and a specialist in makeup, and SAGAL Cosmétiques, manufacturer of perfumed soaps and deo colonies in sticks, with a total turnover of around € 60 million estimated at 2016. The company mainly exports makeup pencils for various applications. More than 8% of the company’s total sales are in France and Western Europe, 20% in other countries in the world, USA, Asia and the Middle East. The group visited MakeUp In in the country to prospect strong relationships and complete services projects.

During the MakeUp In the group presented its latest launches and innovations, presenting several formulas adapted to the Brazilian market and their specific needs. “Brazil is one of the largest markets and of fastest growing in the world. It is currently the third largest market for cosmetic and personal care products in the world. Its strong economic performance in this industry and its impressive solid growth prospects offer significant opportunities for the ALKOS Group, “says Philippe Pavageau, president of Alkos. To conquer new markets, Philipe says he follows a strategy: “At first we export our pencils, so that their quality of our products are perceived. Customers end up liking our formulas and start wanting other products. ”

Philipe has worked in Brazil for about 15 years, with Yves Rocher. On his return, he found a different market: ” It is more sophisticated. There is more offer, more companies, many distribution channels and multi-channel, “he says.

His message is straightforward and objective: “Before looking at the price, see our products our quality. We can do almost anything in terms of outsourcing. We are a pragmatic company, with an approach of wanting to be flexible. He guarantees that Alkos can produce especially for Brazil, locally if the volumes are enough. “The concept is to change the” made in France “to” Made in France and produced in Brazil or elsewhere in the world “and explains:” If companies want to export, we are in several countries and we can help them produce adapted formulas to any country. It’s the concept of “global attending,” because we focus more on R & D and marketing, than having factories in several countries. ”

Brazil remains being, despite some economic crises, the most promising country for multinationals to continue to grow.Therefore fairs like Make Up In are well lives, because they bring information, technology and partnerships to the local companies.

For Professor ESPM – School of Advertising and Marketing – Fabio Mestriner, packaging is a powerful communication tool and should be used by companies to work for the business. “The packaging can no longer be used just to carry and protect the product. It should be used as a marketing tool, communication vehicle and even an internet connection link, “says the professor. “It is the media vehicle that hits with the highest precision, it speaks to 100% of the known consumers,” says Mestriner, who is also a member of the Brazilian Packaging Association (ABRE).

The product is a complex entity, has numerous abstract components, and the colors enter into the construction of its personality. “Color is sensation, it acts on the nervous system. Packaging is the universe of detail: it wins the sum of the details, “he states.