Talking about the increase on sales in the male market worldwide, here in Brazil, little by little, makeup starts to penetrate the male consumption habits. Even discreet it is still seen with not few restrictions by most men. However, it is beginning to show signs of coming around and that it is to stay, even in a market like Brazil, where men, as well as other countries in South America, especially in middle-age range, see limits to male vanity especially makeup items, where the most well accepted would be the discreet and functional concealer to hide dark circles.

The online store Netfarma however made use of a consultant and makeup artist to raise sales of five makeup items that make the man more presentable. According to the store, the idea is, an almost imperceptible makeup, well in accordance to the Latin American standards of masculinity.

To present a more well cared skin, men generally already use, according to the pharmacy, functional items such as concealer and sunscreen with color. But according to Camilla Moraes, make up artist and Netfarma consultant, it is need attention. “The male skin has its own peculiarities: it tends to be thicker and because of the more irritated shave. Moreover, it is often more pigmented, have more hair and are drier in the shaving area due to the hot water and alcoholic products that men use after shaving. “According to her, most Brazilian men have mixed skin therefore she states: “You have to moisturize the eye area and apply specific products for oily skin in the T zone.”

At the time of preparing the skin to hide dark circles, acne, blemishes or other imperfections, Camila prepared a step by step that can be followed for a normal day, a business meeting or even at night, in the club or a dinner . There are 5 makeup steps that help male beauty:

Step 1
Wash skin with liquid soap facial , pass a specific moisturizer to the user’s skin type and a sun protection of dry touch – these are basic precautions that every man should have, and the dry touch is recommended specially for Brazilians because of the hot and humid clime.

Step 2
Prepare the skin with a thin layer of primer, because this product helps to hold the greasiness and disguises pores – dilated or with small blackheads.
Step 3
If there are dark circles, pimple marks, scars, a concealer in skin tone is recommended. Only a small drop, scattered with light touches with the fingertips.
step 4
The foundation. Yes. It can and should be used for those with spots, pimples, scars or irritated skin. “It must be applied with a light layer on the face and also on the neck. The foundation finishes the service of the primer and of the concealer as it helps to uniformize the texture and skin tone, besides of covering a little skin defects, ” she says. “The tone needs to be as close to the natural skin tone, as the ideal makeup for men is discreet and without overdoing the quantity of products,” added Camilla
Step 5
The penultimate step is to apply the compact powder, the one that will hold the makeup, and give a more velvety feel to the skin. This product will also help disguise the oiliness of some areas of the face. It must be applied in light and subtle way and in the tone of the skin, to eliminate the aspect of glowing skin.
Step 6
To open the look, a mask colorless lashes. “It is imperceptible and the mask can also be used to combing eyebrow” explains make-up artist.

What about? Who´s gonna try?